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<Seoul Viosys’ Micro-LED display booth for ISE 2023 in Spain. (Provided by Seoul Viosys)>

Seoul Viosys will showcase their micro light-emitting diode (LED) technology at ‘ISE 2023’, the display trade show opening in Barcelona, Spain starting on the 31st.

Seoul Viosys prepared a micro-LED section in their booth to display their ‘WICOP pixel’ solution. WICOP pixel is a technology that vertically stacks RGB chips on top of existing WICOP technology, which doesn’t require packages or wires.

The biggest point of differentiation from previous micro-LED is that the RGB chips combine their colors like one pixel to emit light. The company explained that the colors that are combined internally are projected out so that the colors on the screen stay the same no matter what direction the display is viewed from.

Using this laminated structure, WICOP pixel is able to reduce the size of the chip and reduce the processing required as well. In comparison with flat micro-LED, the emitting area is reduced by to a third, making it optimized for AR, VR, and metaverse application. The brightness is supported up to a level of 4,000 nit.

Youngju Lee, the CEO of Seoul Viosys, said that, “Not only have we improved performance, but we have also secured the technology required for mass-producing wearables and VR and VR products suitable for ultra-small displays,” and said that, “We seek to secure new clients and discover business partners through this trade show.”

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<WICOP pixel diagram showing the vertically stacked RGB chips in a one-chip structure (Image provided by Seoul Viosys)>

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