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  1. 1Samsung Display to mass produce 10 million medium-sized OLEDs next year
  2. 2‘EcoProEM’ produces NCA cathode materials starting the 21st
  3. 3[News Zoom-In]'Quantum Jump' ofmedium size OLED market... Adoption from Appleis the key
  4. 4BOE also applying Samsung Galaxy lineup... Korean display industry in crisis
  5. 5The battery materials fund that LG Chemparticipated invests KRW 79.9 billion in Daejoo Electronic Materials
  6. 6‘1 trillion order backlog’ MCNEX prepares to expand territory with autonomous vehicles beyond the battlefield
  7. 7Sungho Jun, CEO of SOLUM, received a presidential citation on materials, parts and equipment field by result of parts independence
  8. 8Component prices soared... Small and medium-sized PC industry, new product launch 'abandoned'
  9. 9Samsung SDI pushing ahead their first battery plant in North America
  10. 10[News Zoom-In]LG Energy Solution expanding alliances with global automakers… Background and Perspective