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  1. 1Major South Korean Corporations Working on Strengthening Their Electric Vehicle Battery Materials Business
  2. 2Jeong Kwan Begins Pilot Production of ‘Solid Electrolyte’ for All-Solid-State Batteries
  3. 3Samsung Electronics Develops the Industry’s First ‘CXL DRAM’
  4. 4EcoPro EM to Build a Second Cathode Materials Production Plant in Pohang
  5. 5Samsung Electronics to Invest 150 Billion Dollars in System Semiconductor
  6. 6South Korea’s Public Sector Still Favoring Public Cloud Computing Services over Private Services Despite the South Korean Government’s Plan
  7. 7Amotech Develops New Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors That Are Smaller in Size and Have Improved Stability at the Same Time
  8. 8L.Corporation Becomes the Sole supplier of Formlabs’ ‘Fuse1’ for South Korea
  9. 9Global Semiconductor Market Expected to See 545 Billion Dollars in Sales in 2021
  10. 10Glosign Selected as the Electronic Contract Service Supplier for Korea Certified Public Labor Attorneys Association