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  1. 1Samsung could participate in ARM acquisition... A number of variables including price
  2. 2US semiconductor customer not accepting 'Made in China’ products
  3. 3Early release for Samsung Galaxy S23…A response to Apple iPhone 14
  4. 4Samsung SOC research laboratory ‘splits’ into AI/Computing and Communication Chip
  5. 5Fierce competition in the semiconductor industry to develop heat dissipating materials
  6. 6II-VI 'rapid growth'... Reorganizing VCSEL chip market into 'two-way structure'
  7. 7Daegu Center orders informatization project... Large IT service, open source DBMS clash
  8. 8SoluM advanced into the Vietnamese ESL market
  9. 9ICTK Holdings installs PUF-based Wi-Fi module in digital door lock for the first time
  10. 10AMD Launches 'Ryzen Embedded V3000 Processor' with Enhanced Performance and Power Efficiency