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  1. 1Semiconductor equipment exports to China reduced by 'half' in one year
  2. 2South Korea taking the first place in smartphone OLED DDI market share in 1Q
  3. 3Intel and AMD set record high quarterly sales with soaring 'FPGA'
  4. 4Oversupply of DRAM next year... Demand growth rate to fall below 10% for the first time
  5. 5Samsung Electronics unveils next-generation memory solutions at 'Flash Memory Summit'
  6. 6Imec "We need to mass produce high-NA EUV within 3 years"
  7. 7SK Hynix develops the world's first '238-layer' NAND
  8. 8"OLED TV occupies more than half of European premium TV Market
  9. 9Security, a hot topic in cloud... MSP expand area to MSSP
  10. 10LG Innotek expands substrate workforce... Expected to make investments worth trillions