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  1. 1LG Electronics is making ‘Automotive semiconductors'
  2. 2DB HiTek to Develop Next-Generation Power Semiconductors in the First Quarter of 2022, Strengthening its Position in the Chip Business
  3. 3European battery makers invest 4 trillion KRW in facilities... Korean companies are called out
  4. 4LX Semicon doubled its sales and increased its operating profit by 8 folds in two years...
  5. 5SK Materials to Operate Sejong PR Plant in the First Quarter Next Year
  6. 6NHN, ‘got a head start’ for public cloud transition
  7. 7Dongwoon Anatech launches global strategy for 'vehicle haptic IC'
  8. 8[Snapdragon Tech Summit 2021] Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, Mobile UX Innovation
  9. 9POSCO Chemical Partners with GM to Establish Cathode Material Plant
  10. 10Subsidies for Electric Vehicle Chargers to Triple in 2022