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  1. 1KMS challenging for 100% silicon Anode active material
  2. 2“Red, Green, Blue into one”... Lumens developed ‘RGB one-chip’ monolithic micro-LED
  3. 3Downturn in Semiconductor Also Hits Materials, Parts, and Equipment Directly… Aftermath Resulting from Cancelled Orders
  4. 4LG Chem Has Eyes Set on LMFP Cathode Materials… Hires First Research Personnel
  5. 5“Changing 2D microscope to 3D” ...SD OPTICS developed ‘3D Optical Module’
  6. 6Government approves POSCO Chemical's high-nickel cathode material production in the US and China
  7. 7E-government export exceeded $500 million... “Brighter future this year”
  8. 8"Built-in Touch for Laptops as Well” Samsung Display Develops Large Screen Touch-Integrated OLED
  9. 9Korbon Increases Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube (SWCNT) Capacity Ten-Fold… “In Response to Anode Material Demand, Secured 15 Tons in Annual Production”
  10. 10LGD, Micro Lens Array (MLA) Technology Applied for Gaming OLED as Well…Brightness 60%↑