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  1. 1Disruption in producing semiconductor equipment… parts delivery gets delayed by two folds
  2. 2Growth of electric vehicles ‘running out of Lithium Nickel soon’… Warning continues
  3. 3Battery equipment and materials company, Top Material, attempts for KOSDAQ
  4. 4A-Pro Semicon develops low-voltage GaN semiconductors... Begins a new business
  5. 5Semiconductor consignment manufacturers are raising prices one after another
  6. 6A rapid growth in Woongjin’s IT business… Sales and operating profit increased by 15% and 80%, respectively
  7. 7'Surge in raw material prices'... Clash over price linkage system between battery and ESS industry
  8. 8Cosmo AM&T expands production of MLCC release film
  9. 9'Zoe' equipped with LG Ensol's batteries still 'lively' even after 10 years
  10. 10Open-source DBMS becoming battleground of public cloud