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  1. 1China hoards Semiconductor Equipment... A Surge in Purchases of US Equipment despite Public Regulations
  2. 2Panasonic-Toyota plans to cut the cost of electric vehicle batteries in half
  3. 3Hydrogen-powered 'vans and express buses' are coming... Hyundai Motor FCEV '3 →6 model’ lineup expansion
  4. 4Samsung Display and LGD to Invest in Small and Midsized OLED… To Invest more than 7 trillion won in the Second Half
  5. 5‘PromotingNo.1BatteryMaterials’ LG Chem hiring hundreds in the second half of the year
  6. 63D Printing of Launch Vehicle Engine Components...Prototype Development and Testing by the Korea Aerospace Research Institute
  7. 7NAVER AI aids the National Diet Library of Japan’s digital transformation
  8. 8Cosmo Advanced Materials expands battery cathode materials by 50,000 tons… Expanded to a total of 70,000 tons
  9. 9Public Sector to Ignite the ‘Full Cloud Conversion’… To Lead the Activation of ‘Domestic and Open Software’
  10. 10Raising the “SW Maintenance Rate to 15% will Create 10,000 Jobs Annually”