Samsung Display is expanding their touch-integrated organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology, which had been applied to their smartphones, to their laptops as well.

On the 24th, Samsung Display announced that they had succeeded in developing ‘large-area’ touch-integrated OLED. Touch-integrated OLED means that a touch sensor is formed inside the panel instead of attaching a film that recognizes touch on the surface. Simply put, they have internalized a component that was previously attached separately.

It is eco-friendly, as it doesn’t use plastic touch films or adhesives, and the simple panel structure enables the thickness and weight to be reduced. An official of Samsung Display said that, “Conventionally, the touch film takes up 6~11% of the thickness of the entire panel,” and explained that, “The thinner the panel is, the better the set design, scalability, and portability is.”

Samsung Display commercialized this technology called ‘OCTA (On Cell Touch AMOLED)’ for use in smartphones. This was to slim down smartphones. Samsung Display was able to have the achievement of supplying OLED to Apple by promoting this technology.

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<A user touching the laptop screen. (Provided by Samsung Display)>

With the recent rise in demand for laptops equipped with touch functions and expansion of the OLED laptop market, Samsung Display explained that they have expanded their touch-integrated technology (OCTA) to screens exceeding 10 inches.

Hojoon Lee, the Small and Medium Sized Display Product Planning Team Manager, said that, “The touch-integrated OCTA technology requires a higher number of touch sensors as the size of the display gets bigger, making it more difficult,” he emphasized that, “With the development of new materials and manufacturing processes, we were able to realize natural and smooth touch even for large area screens.”

Samsung Display also added on that large-screen touch-integrated OLED will be installed for the first time in some models of Samsung Electronics’ next-generation Galaxy Book Series, which will be revealed next month.

By Reporter Sora Park