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LG Chem is adding Lithium Iron Managanese Phosphate (LMFP) cathode materials to their portfolio. LMFP is a cathode material for secondary batteries with an advantage is price competitiveness.

LG Chem has begun their recruitment of manpower for LMFP cathode materials. They will be personnel working at the laboratory in Daejeon, where the company’s core R&D takes place. This is the first time that LG Chem has set out to recruit people in the field of LMFP.

LG Chem is Korea’s no.1 secondary battery material company, with Nickel, Cobalt, Managenese (NCM), and Nickel, Cobalt, Aluminum (NCA) cathode materials as their main products.

LMFP is a product resulting from adding Manganese to LFP cathode materials. LFP is characterized by its use of affordable materials to lower costs. On top of these strengths of LFP, LFMP adds Manganese to improve the battery’s energy capacity.

LFMP is known to be able to replicate energy capacities similar to existing NCM and NCA cathode materials. Due to its superb price competitiveness compared to its performance, it is drawing attention for use in electronic devices.

It is interpreted that LG Chem is looking at the growth potential of LMFP batteries and cathode materials and setting out to secure the appropriate manpower.

By Reporter Jiwoong Kim