Achieving high-resolution by utilizing a liquid crystal on silicon
Targeting the AR market such as smart glasses etc.

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<Bo-eun Kim, CEO of Raontech, unveiled a micro display product sample at the IPO press conference held in Yeouido on the 12th>

Raontech has secured a micro display technology that supports 12,000 PPI (pixels per inch). By achieving high resolution on a micro-display, it is going to target the augmented reality (AR) device market.

Raontech revealed this at a business briefing on the 12th. CEO Bo-eun Kim said, “We succeeded in achieving 12,000 PPI with a liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS).”

PPI is the number of pixels that can fit into 1-inch and it is a measure for expressing precise images. The company explains that 12,000 PPI is the highest level in the microdisplay industry.
LCoS refers to a technology that implements ultra-fine pixels by applying a liquid crystal display (LCD) on a silicon wafer. Semiconductor and display processes are converged. It is useful for devices such as smart glasses because it has a high resolution and can be made into a miniaturized display.

Raontech is targeting the global market with its micro display. It also supplied the Qualcomm AR glass reference model. The reference model is presented as a guideline to AR device manufacturers. It was released at the end of last year when Qualcomm announced the AR semiconductor chip 'Snapdragon AR2'. Since it became a reference model for other manufacturers, there is a possibility that the Raontech display will be selected.

CEO Bo-eun Kim explained, “We have secured more than 200 customers not only in the AR devices field but also in the medical solutions and optical communication fields as well. 70 to 80% of our customers are overseas customers.”

Raontech received Grade As in its recent technology evaluation. It is pursuing entry into the KOSDAQ in March through a merger with Daishin Balance No. 11 SPAC. After its listing, it plans to focus on securing global customers along with advancing its technologies.

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<Raontech’s main products (provided by Raontech)>

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