Foldable + slidable 'hybrid panel’ development
Screen expands from 8 to 12.4 inches
Unveiling for the first time at CES... Commercialization is imminent

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Samsung Display has developed an organic light emitting diode (OLED) display that is a combination of a foldable and a slider. On the 5th,this panel will be unveiled for the first time at a closed booth at CES 2023 that opens in Las Vegas (local time).This is the first time that a display panel has implemented both the 'foldable' technology and the 'slidable' technology. The No.1 in small and medium-sized OLEDs, Samsung Displayexpects to lead display form factor (physical aspect) innovation once again.

Samsung Display plans to reveal the new product that has foldable and slidable to invited guests at a CES closed (private) booth. The panel is called a 'hybrid' panel because two technologies are combined.

The design of the panel is having an additional screen pull out from one end after unfolding the screen. When the screen is folded, the size of the screen is 8 inches, and it increases to 10 inches when screen is unfolded. The screen can be expanded up to 12.4 inches when the screen slides out.

8 inches is the size of a smart phone, and 12.4 inches is the size of a tablet or laptop screen. It is understood that Samsung Display developed a hybrid panel to target next-generation devices that can be simultaneously smart phones, tablets and laptops.

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<Samsung Display double foldable panel (Source: Samsung Display)>
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<Samsung Display Slider Panel that can extend the panel from the side (Source: Samsung Display)>

The level of technical difficulties such as panel durability, operability, and surface quality are much higher in order to implement foldable and slidable simultaneously. Additionally, not only the panel, but also the hinge that acts as a link and the metal plate that acts as a screen support must work organically and be unified.

It has not been confirmed when Samsung Display will release the hybrid panel. However, it does not seem to be a long time to commercialize the product since unveiling the panel means that the company has completed the development of the technology, and searching for future customers.

Hybrid panels are expected to play an important role in Samsung Display's strategy to expand the small and medium-sized OLED market. The company has been trying to expand small and medium-sized OLEDs in smartphones, to tablets, laptops, monitors, and automobiles. By presenting an unprecedented form factor,Samsung Display is trying to induce the emergence of new finished products while increasing the demand for OLEDs. This is Samsung Display’s strategy to continue pioneering and preoccupying new markets. Hybrid panels will be suitable for displays for vehicles such as EVs and automated vehicles. The panel allows to increase the utilization of the space inside the vehicle with folding and sliding a large screen.

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<Samsung Display’s business site (Source: Samsung Display)>

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