LG Display spreads the technology gap with its competitors with transparent organic light emitting diode (OLED). Transparent OLED is developed and mass-produced by LG Display for the first time in the world. LG Display continues its business reorganization centered on high value displays that did not exist before.

From the 12th to 24th, LG Display holds an exhibition showing the various uses of transparent OLED at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in Seoul, and began active promotions for customers. The exhibition focused on introducing the innovative future achieved by transparent OLED and showing various industries and 'open innovation'.

Transparent OLED is a technology that maximizes the advantage of OLED that emits light on its own. It is extremely transparent, thin and light to replace glass windows. The durability can be increased by attaching tempered glass. Transparent OLED can be used in various fields such as signage, architecture, mobility, and digital art.

The evolution of transparent OLED technology is 'in progress’. The transparency of LG Display's transparent OLED is in the 40% range. Transparency is an important criterion for determining the level of transparent display technology. LG Display plans to increase transparency to 45% in the new year, and eventually up to 70%. It will also improve the completeness of the design by developing a technology to reduce the bezel size to 2mm. LG Display will additionally introduce various size transparent OLEDs in the new year.

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<LGD Transparent OLED Retail Zone Cake Showcase.>

LG Display invited major global customers in each industry to the exhibition. It emphasized the infinite expandability of a futuristic display, transparent OLED, and suggested ideas to build new future values. LG Display is seeking for concrete utilization plans and strategic collaboration with various customers for the product. It revealed that the company is discussing the supply of transparent OLED with several customers.

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<LGD Transparent OLED Culture Zone Museum Art Wall>

Hee-yeon Kim, managing director of LG Display, said, “Transparent OLED has great potential, and LG Display has secured technology that is several years ahead of its competitors. LG Display will lead this technology so that Korea will unmatched when it comes to competitiveness in the transparent display field.”

The exhibition consists of six themed zones: transformation, mobility, office space, culture and entertainment, retail, and home. Various transparent OLED solutions are introduced in each field for its application.

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<LGD Transparent OLED Transformation>

By Staff Reporter So-ra Park (srpark@etnews.com)