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Powermaster Semiconductor (CEO Tae-hoon Kim) announced on the 27th that they have released an additionally device portfolio of a power semiconductor made of silicon carbide (SiC), 1200V SiC MOSFET.

The 1200V e SiC MOSFET portfolio is optimized for various high-power industrial applications such as fast EV charging systems, solar inverters, and energy storage systems that require low impedance and switching loss, high reliability and power density.

Following the existing 1200V 80mΩ product, the company added 1200V 21mΩ and 1200V 40mΩ products. They also included TO-247-4L package optional. The TO-247-4L package has additional driver source terminal to the existing 3-terminal package of source, drain, and gate of MOSFET. Through this, they reduced up to 60% of switching loss according to gate resistance and gate oscillation can be effectively reduced during turn-off.

The company explained that the newly released 1200V 40mΩ TO-247-4L product provides high efficiency and reliability by securing switching characteristics comparable to global SiC MOSFET leaders Infineon and Wolfspeed.

In the first half of next year, 650V SiC MOSFET product and D2PAK-7L, a surface mount device (SMD) Kelvin connection package will be added to the portfolio. Through this, they plan to provide a portfolio of SiC MOSFET for each voltage and package suitable for the application. By next year, AEC-Q101 quality certified products, which are international standards for vehicles, and high-reliability 1200V SiC MOSFET specialized for inverters for motor driving will be introduced. Through this, they are planning to provide a portfolio of SiC products optimized for EV applications, such as on-board chargers (OBC), DC/DC converters, motor drive inverters, and electric compressors.

Powermaster Semiconductor is a leading power semiconductor company with design·manufacturing technology for SiC power semiconductors for industrial usage as well as for vehicles. They are expanding their market by competing with global companies such as Infineon, STMicro, Wolfspeed, Onsemi, and ROHM by preoccupying next-generation semiconductor technology that goes beyond the limits of silicon (Si) semiconductor materials. Within 4 years of their establishment, the entire process of 6-inch SiC wafers as well as 8-inch Si wafers was completed in the fab located in Ochang, Chungcheongbuk-do. They achieved 2 billion KRW in sales last year, and are expecting 15 billion KRW in sales this year. Last year, they carried out an investment MOU of 100 billion KRW with Chungcheong-do, and in September, they increased their capital to 130 billion KRW and proceeding with SiC facility expansion.

CEO Tae-hoon Kim said, "In the midst of fierce competition in the semiconductor field, we could gain trust from our customer by focusing more on quality than price."

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