Uses laser light source for displays
Technology proven with CES 2023 Innovation Award
Export agreement with Germany and Mongolia amounting to 8 billion KRW
Discussed supply with telecommunication comp

BRYTN Corporation developed laser beam projectors and is exporting to Germany and Mongolia. They have also won the Innovation Award at CES 2023. BRYTN’s laser optical technology is expanding into high-value businesses like car displays, 3D dental scanners, and metaverse devices.

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<James Yu, CEO of BRYTN Corporation, introducing laser optical engine for 3D dental scanner.>

BRYTN’s CEO James Yu, who served as the general manager of laser optical technology development at SK Telecom, established the company in March 2020. He is conducting his business after having the patents and assets of the laser technology he developed at the time transferred from SKT.

CEO James Yu, “Lasers have been known for having strong energy and being used in industrial sights, but we have secured technology to laser light sources for displays.” BRYTN received ‘Eye Safety Class 1' certification (IEC 60825-1 Ed.3) for their laser light source. They have also developed a technology to reduce the ratio of speckles to below 6%.

BRYTN created a FHD quality laser optical engine last May. CEO Yu explained that, “Compared to the light source of LEDs, which make up 90% of the market, the light source of lasers produce less heat and have better brightness and depth.” Unlike LED light sources, laser light sources don’t require adjusting its focus.

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<The beam projector developed by the laser optical engine company, BRYTN Corporation, won the Innovation Award at CES 2023, the biggest IT appliance expo in the world. >

BRYTN won the CES 2023 Innovation Award with their beam projector equipped with their laser optical engine. The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) of the US introduced it as, “The world’s only projector that not only delivers excellent brightness and image quality through the laser optical engine, but a new user experience (UX) through HDMI output terminals and LTE connection.”

BRYTN signed an export agreement to supply portable beam projectors to Germany’s Deutsche Telekom and Mongolia’s G-Mobile. The scale of the agreement is around 8 billion KRW. CEO Yu said that, “We will soon begin supplying additional large quantities to Germany,” and went on to say, “We are in discussions for agreements with China and Hong Kong, in addition to Korea, centered around telecommunication companies.”

BRYTN recently embarked on the joint development of transparent display technology with a German finished vehicle maker. BRYTN was the first to develop a laser AR HUD that is able to project a 55-inch screen 7.5 meters away, and accumulated technology. They are collaborating with companies in Korea and overseas in the car industry to commercialize ultra-small laser optical engine.

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<The beam projector developed by the laser optical engine company, BRYTN Corporation, won the Innovation Award at CES 2023, the biggest IT appliance expo in the world. >

The field of medicine is also a field of business that BRYTN is targeting. BRYTN developed a laser optical engine for 3D dental scanners last June. It will be commercialized next year. CEO Yu said that, “Laser optical engines don’t generate much heat and are deep in depth.” He then said that, “Using its characteristic high output, it is possible to create the form with comparatively less repetitions.” AR devices also use lasers as light sources and their use can realize high image quality while being less stressful on the eyes.

BRYTN set a roadmap to enter the markets of the US and China next year, and Japan and Southeast Asia by 2024.

CEO Yu said that, “As the markets for car HUDs, medicine, and metaverse are rapidly growing, we are expecting a quick rise in sales,” and went on to say, “We will rise as a company that reaches over 100 billion KRW in sales in 2024.”

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