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<Invesume released the community version of HamoniKR OS, HamoniKR OS 6.0 Taebaek. The desktop view.>

Invesume released ‘HamoniKR OS 6.0 Taebaek’, the community version of HamoniKR OS.

‘HamoniKR OS 6.0 reflected the results of the Level 1 GS certification of the previous version. Based on Kernel 5.15, it supports various kinds of the latest hardware (HW) and provides function and security updates until 2027.

HamoniKR OS 6.0 Taebaek also provides a separate ‘HamoniKR OS 6.0 Taebaek Lite’ version, which only installs the web browser and basic programs at the requests of community users. The Lite version requires over 10GB of hard disk space, and 2GB of memory.

In the full version, it provides various programs that are capable of things like software (SW) development, games, video/image editing, and system management. It provides an environment that can satisfy users that are using open-source OS and experienced users alike.

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<Invesume released the community version of HamoniKR OS, HamoniKR OS 6.0 Taebaek. Smart panel view.>

The basic terminal was applied with Zsh, and provides KakaoTalk (Lutris), VSCode, Chrome web browser installation support, office document work environment support, a website compatibility package that can use accredited certificates, and HamoniKR Drive (cloud storage) for free.

It provides such functions like a function that backs up key files in the PC on HamoniKR Drive and the Smart Panel function, which supports mouse gestures.

HamoniKR OS 6.0 applied the opinions of HamoniKR community members and the icon design and font of Korea open-source developers. It added meaning as an open-source SW with the support of Korean developers and professional SW companies, with examples like Hanmesoft’s ‘Hanme Typing Tutor’ being installed by default and ALZip and ALYac being available for download.

HamoniKR OS 6.0’s release notes and user manual can be found on the HamoniKR community and can be downloaded and used by anyone.

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