On the 15th, Toray Advanced Materials Korea announced that it would expand production facilities in the Czech Republic for 'Airlite', an ultra-fine sound-absorbing material that prevents noise from entering vehicles. It is part of taking over strategy for the European car market.

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<Toray Advanced Materials Korea's Airlite, an ultra-fine sound-absorbing material that prevents noise from entering vehicles>

Toray Advanced Materials Korea is promoting the expansion of Airlite production facilities together with TTCE (Toray Textiles Central Europe), a Czech subsidiary of Japan's Toray Corporation. The production facility will be located on TTCE plant site in the Czech Republic. It will begin mass-production from October with an annual capacity of 1200 tons.

Airlite is a non-woven sound absorbing material produced by the 'melt blown' method of mixing and spinning processes in lightweight polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET).
This allows the material to be better at sound absorption performance and lighter than existing materials to reduce energy consumption when driving a vehicle; hence, it is considered eco-friendly.

Centering around Europe, regulations on noise generated by automobiles are being enhanced in stages according to Toray Advanced Materials Korea. It is essential to reduce noise inside the vehicle for EV to enjoy a comfortable ride. The demand for high-performance sound-absorbing materials is increasing continuously.

Toray Advanced Materials Korea anticipates that the demand for lightweight sound-absorbing materials will further increase as the urban air motility (UAM) industry grows in the future.

Toray Advanced Materials Korea entered the vehicle sound absorbing material business in 2013. It enhanced the cooperative system with auto manufacturers and major parts companies by expanding its business area to Europe, where the EV market is growing. By developing products using recycled materials, Toray Advanced Materials Korea plans to magnify added values in the future.

TTCE is expanding its business from the airbag-based non-woven business to the vehicle material field. Toray Group will carry out carbon neutrality by 2050 through advanced material innovation.

By Staff Reporter Yoon-sub Song (sys@etnews.com)