ILJIN Materials has developed 'ISS-T9' Elecfoil (copper foil), which has a tensile strength of 90kgf/㎟ and high elongation characteristics, for the first time in the industry.

Elecfoil is a thin copper foil, made by electrolysis of copper sulfate solution, with a thickness of less than 10 micrometers (㎛). It is an essential material used in cathode current collectors for large secondary batteries, such as electric vehicles and energy storage systems (ESS).

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It took ILJIN Materials 13 years of R&D to develop their 'ISS-T9', which is a next-generation secondary battery material that can dramatically improve the mileage, output, and stability of electric vehicles. 'ISS-T9' is the only product in the world that has secured three times the tensile strength of general Elecfoil while maintaining a high elongation of 'I2S'. ILJIN Materials is the globally leading company in terms of Elecfoil production capacity for secondary batteries.
ILJIN Materials has improved the anti-rust technology (technology to prevent oxidation of Elecfoil) and extended the product warranty period from 5 months to 1 year. It is more than double the warranty period of competitors' products from 3 to 5 months.

ILJIN Materials expects their newly developed product to not only increase sales but also significantly improve profitability.

Jeom-sik Yang, CEO of ILJIN Materials, said, “The ISS-T9 is an essential material for battery development and it can improve the process defects that occur while manufacturing large-capacity and high-power batteries as well as increase the silicon content,” furthermore, “The development of this product is very meaningful in that it has enhanced the national competitiveness in the field of materials for secondary batteries and has preempted the future material market.”

By staff reporter So-ra Park (