Seoul Semiconductor has provided UV-C sterilization technology ‘Violeds’ for the interior storage for Genesis of Hyundai Motors. This is the first case of the Violeds technology being applied in a global finished vehicles company. Leading with the UV-C technology which proved its sterilization capabilities with coronavirus, Seoul Semiconductor is beginning to target the air cleaning and mobility market in earnest.

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On the 15th, Seoul Semiconductor revealed that they have equipped UV-C lamps on Hyundai Motors’ luxury sedan, Genesis G90, which began its official sales in the first half of this year. It has been applied to the interior of the armrest storage space, which the passengers in the back seat can use sterilize their belongings. Seoul Semiconductor’s subsidiary, Seoul Viosys, has previously supplied UV-C LED for Chinese automotive parts company, Yanfeng, back in 2020. Depending on the model of the Genesis G90, 6~12 UV-C LEDs have been equipped in each vehicle. When the lid is closed, up to 99.9% of all harmful bacteria such as e. coli, staphylococcus aureus, and bacillus pneumoniae are sterilized.

Violeds technology has been applied on the UV-C LED applied on the Genesis G90. This is a patented technology developed and produced by Seoul Viosys, the first in the world to do so. The proliferation of germs and viruses can be suppressed through the use of UV LED with sterilizing capabilities. According to a report in 2021 by Omdia, the market analysis firm, Seoul Viosys ranks 1st in the UV LED market. It has also obtained the ‘AEC-Q102’ certification, an automotive device reliability standard. Their technology has been recognized on the global market through demonstrations of their air conditioning system sterilization tests on actual automobiles in CES 2022. The company operates their own automobile air and surface sterilization labs and is proceeding to advance their UV LED technology.

In addition to surface sterilization, Violeds’ air sterilization capabilities are also outstanding. According to the results of a test Seoul Viosys commissioned to a research team in Korea University, Violeds was able sterilize 99.3% of the delta variant of the coronavirus within 1 second (in a 60㎥ space) of air sterilization. Based on these results, Seoul Viosys announced solutions to prevent the spread of the delta variant of coronavirus in August. They have supported independent businessmen struggling with the effects of COVID-19 with free installations of 300 units

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<Seoul Semiconductor vehicle lab conducting air conditioning system sterilization tests>

A spokesman for Seoul Semiconductor has said, “The Violeds technology will lead the vehicle interior healthcare market in the future,” and went on to say, “It will be the optimal solution for vehicle healthcare projects requested by clients.”

Seoul Semiconductor has secured a product portfolio covering all wavelength bands (200~1600nm) from UV for vehicles, visible light, and infrared light with over 30 years of R&D in optical semiconductors. It possesses 18,000 patents, taking the technological lead in the world market.

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Source : Seoul Viosys

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