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<LG Display President Ho-young Jeong>

Regarding the business outlook for the second half of the year, LG Display President Ho-young Jeong said that after a difficult second and third quarter he expects improvements in the fourth quarter. With regards to converting the liquid crystal display (LCD) line into an OLED line, he revealed that it is being reviewed with time gaps.

President Ho-Young Jeong met with reporters, after participating in the 2022 Korea Display Exhibition (K-Display 2022) held at COEX in Seoul on the 10th, and disclosed this information. President Jeong is also president of the Korea Display Industry Association.

Regarding the business outlook for the second half of the year, President Jeong said, “The overall macro environment is not very good, so the second and third quarters are likely to be difficult times," and added, "We expect earnings to improve after the fourth quarter."

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown in China, there has been a supply chain paralysis and slowing demand, which resulted in LG Display recording an operating loss of KRW 488.3 billion in the second quarter. He replied that the panel inventory issue will be resolved by the end of the year because the lockdown in China is only temporary.

He replied that they are reviewing whether to use the LCD TV line in the future. President Jeong said, “LG Display's LCD line has a different meaning (compared to other companies)," furthermore, “It is compatible with small, medium and large OLEDs, so we plan to review it with time gaps."

By staff reporter So-ra Park