Utilization of 'Digital Service Specialized Contract System'
Finalizing the decision of operators by the end of this month
KT Cloud sweeps away the business from Gyeongbuk region
Despite earning a f

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The second year of public cloud conversion has begun. KT Cloud dominated the business among cloud service providers (CSPs), and carried on its momentum from last year.

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The Ministry of the Interior and Safety requested the Public Procurement Service for the first and second projects of the second year 'Administrative and Public Institutions Information System Cloud Conversion Project.’ It also sent a request for proposal (RFP) to each cloud conversion service provider, including cloud management service providers (MSPs).

Since this year, the operators are selected through the digital service specialized contract system. RFPs have been sent to 10 companies that meet their business capabilities among conversion operators registered in the digital service mall, not the Nara Market (Korean Online E-procurement System).

DaiShin Information & Communication, Ssangyong Information & Communication, LG Hitachi, Didim 365, NetKTI, ITEYES, Metanet Digital are targeted operators.

An official from the Ministry of the Interior and Safety said, “It takes more than two months for pre-standard announcement, actual announcement, technology evaluation, and contract with the existing ordering method. We will be able to complete all the planned schedules within a month using the digital service specialized contract system.”

22 institutions will participate in the first project of the second year of public cloud conversion. It will cost KRW 16.3 billion to convert 168 systems to the cloud. The second project will cost KRW 10.3 billion to convert 105 systems in 14 institutions.

Starting this year, participants will first select a cloud service provider (CSP) and then determine the conversion service provider. The participants previously selected CSPs through proposals and presentations for several months.

KT Cloud was selected by majority of 36 organizations. KT Cloud surprised everyone by being selected by 7 of 10 organizations during the 3rd project last year. This momentum will continue this year.

A CSP official said, “KT Cloud has been strong in the first and second projects this year as it swept away all the businesses from Gyeongbuk region. This trend will be continued to be seen in the future as KT's sales power to local governments and public institutions has had an impact.”

NHN Cloud, Gabia, and Naver Cloud are also responsible for converting some institutional clouds other than KT Cloud. Gabia that earned its first project during the 3rd project last year, has surpassed expectations in this project.

In addition to competition in conversion providers and CSPs, many are paying attention to a competition between database management system (DBMS) operators. EDB, Altibase, SunjeSoft, Cubrid, Inzent, TmaxSoft, and Maria DB are expected to compete as most of them will be introducing open source DBMSs. Consultation between participants and each DBMS company has taken place, and the final decision will be made after the selection of a conversion provider.

The Ministry of the Interior and Safety and the National Information society Agency (NIA) plan to complete the submission of proposals by the 13th and finalize the selection of operators in July.

There will be three or four additional projects to be presented within this year.

By Staff Reporter Ho-cheon An hcan@etnews.com