Changing old system to ‘Cloud Environment’
Increasing stability with intelligent integrated operation management
Large scale project worth about 166 billion KRW
Alliance between large and medium-siz

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Ministry of National Defense will advance Defense Integrated Data Center (DIDC) into Software Defined Everything (SDx) technology based intelligent data center and expand usage of National Defense cloud (D-Cloud) up to 75%.

Since restriction of large corporation’s participation is lifted, and it is a large-scale project with 166 billion KRW budget, it is expected alliance between large corporation and mid-sized information technology (IT) service is expected. 

DIDC announced the preliminary specifications for the 'Next-generation Intelligent SDDCbased Defense Integrated Data Center Construction Project (hereinafter referred to as ‘The Project’)' and collectedopinionsfrom corporations. They are planning to review the received opinions and make an official announcement soon.

Ministry of National Defense started DIDC in 2015, which was integrating the separated data center for Army, Navy, and Air Force.

Although high-performance integrated server andvirtualization technology provided through cloud services, the internal judgment is that there is a limit to providing service satisfaction of each military and institution.

The outdated system moved by each institution will be changed with a Software Defined Data Center (SDDC)based cloud environmentaccordingly, and it is their goal of the project to introduce an intelligent integrated operation management system for stable operation.

SDDC is a virtualizationbased data center that virtualizes IT infrastructure resources such as server (SDC), network (SDN), and storage (SDS) and controls it with software (SW). It is a base for becoming an intelligent data center, including automation.

The project operator will can secure a large SDDC reference in the public sector and secure a bridgehead for future military informatization projects such as the army, navy, and air force.

There are over 70 submitted opinions during the period of submission on the pre-standards, proving that interest in the project was high.

However, IT service companies are cautious as the scale is very large and the defense project is evaluated as difficult to implement in the public sector.

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An official from a mid-sized IT service company said, “Since it is a large-scale project worth more than 160 billion KRW, we are considering whether it is possible to carry out the project alone or to form a consortium. If we need cooperation, we are thinking of form a consortium with other medium-sized company.”

Another medium-sized IT service company official said, “We are discussing ways to participate with a large IT service company due to the large business scale and the large scope of work. We think it is difficult for single medium-sized company to handle the project.”

Large IT service companies are also weighing their business participation. Even large corporations find large-scale project burdensome. Their current policy is to decide whether to participate after reviewing the securing of SW development manpower and profitability from various angles.

Considering the case in which large public software projects have been failed to bid, some predict that it will be difficult to select a business operator if profitability is not secured for the DIDC project.

DIDC will select operating company and promotes the project until next year.

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