French Renault co-developed life expectancy prediction method
99% of the models, including the first generation, operate normally

French Renault recently announced that more than 99% of all batteries installed in their 'Zoe' electric vehicle, which has been in the market since 2012, are operating normally, and all batteries, including early models, have maintained at least 70% capacity since the time of purchase. Renault has exclusively used LG Energy Solution's products for Zoe's batteries.

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<French Renault's electric car Zoe equipped with LG Energy Solution's batteries.>

Zoe's battery warranty covers 70% of the battery's energy capacity for up to 8 years or 160,000 km. Renault said that more than 99% of the Zoe electric vehicles sold so far showed long lifespan performance that comply with the battery warranty period specifications.

Zoe is a model that is representative of the European electric vehicle market for the past 10 years. In 2020, annual sales exceeded 100,000 units for the first time in the European electric vehicle market, and now global sales alone exceed 300,000 units.

Zoe is equipped with LG Energy Solution's high-density lithium-ion battery. The first generation group (sold from 2012 to 2016) has a battery capacity of 22kWh, the second generation group (sold from January 2017 to December 2019) has 41kWh, and the third generation group (sold from January 2020 to Present) has a 52kWh battery.

LG Energy Solution co-developed a lifespan prediction methods, such as charging and discharging performance, through consultation with Renault since the development stage. The method predicts complex lifespans based on the results of the charge/discharge cycle life and storage life, by establishing various scenarios, such as how actual customers operate electric vehicles and batteries, and checking in advance whether the target lifespan is achieved for each scenario.
Based on battery cell analysis data, the battery management system (BMS) design that controls battery operation was optimized to increase operational efficiency. In addition, it was designed to enable uniform control and management, such as cooling, by applying a polymer pouch method with a stack and folding structure from the initial model along with the safety-reinforced separator (SRS), which is patented by LG Energy Solutions.

An official at Renault said, "Since sales of the Zoe began in 2013, only a few customers have replaced the battery so far," adding, “In Germany, the percentage of battery replacement for the Zoe distributed in the country is less than 1%."

By Staff Reporter Tae-jun Park