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Intel announced on the 15th that it had made silicon qubits at its D1 plant in Hillsboro, Oregon with the Dutch state-run scientific research institute Qutech. This is the first time that qubits are being fabricated on a large scale at the factory.
Qubitsare the basic units of quantum computing for quantum computers. Unlike conventional computers, it solves problems by processing 0 and 1 at the same time. Intel explained that it can produce more than 10,000 arrays with multiple silicon qubits with a wafer yield of 95% or more.

"Quantum computers have the potential to deliver exponential performance for specific applications in high-performance computing," said James Clarke, director of Intel's quantum hardware, adding "This study not only achieves full-scale quantum computers, but it can be produced at the current semiconductor production site."
The results of the study were published in the International AcademicJournal's Nature Electronics. As an important announcement to expand semiconductors for quantum computers, qubits can be produced at existing semiconductor manufacturing facilities.

By staff reporter Ji-woong Kim