NAMUTECH announced the general availability of Cocktail Cloud on OpenShift (CCO), a Kubernetes-based product. Cocktail Cloud on OpenShift integrates Red Hat OpenShift into NAMUTECH’s Cocktail Cloud, a cloud-native platform, and allows the expansion of cloud-native applications.

NAMUTECH and Red Hat Korea have strategically collaborated since December 2021 to target the cloud-native platform market and formed a task force to develop an integrated PaaS platform which resulted in the general availability of Cocktail Cloud on OpenShift.

Cloud-native Platform Supporting Multi-Cluster including OpenShift Cluster
Cocktail Cloud on OpenShift is an all-in-one product that integrates Cocktail Cloud PaaS with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes Engine. It provides an operating environment optimized for multi-cloud environments and a container-based, flexible application development environment.

The integration of Cocktail Cloud and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform enhances user experience by providing UI optimized for the existing OpenShift user environment. It also offers customized options to meet enterprise requirements and services that support Korean.

Cocktail Cloud and Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes Engine’s integration has multi-cluster management features and multi-tenancy functions. It allows a quick response to resource management and scalability needs and provides flexible application and an optimized operating environment on a hybrid cloud.

This allows organizations to freely build containers for each project and provide independent development infrastructure. Administrators can easily manage them through an integrated monitoring dashboard.

DevOps Portal to enhance user and administrator’s productivity

Cocktail Cloud on OpenShift provides a cloud environment that enables integrated management of all applications, physical servers, and cloud infrastructure deployed in multi-cluster from a single control point panel.

It maximizes the synergy between the two products by providing a DevOps portal that enhances scalability and convenience for integrated management of the public Kubernetes cluster of OpenShift Cluster and Cocktail Cloud. Existing Cocktail Cloud users can utilize the latest version of Kubernetes services and reliable open sources through Red Hat OpenShift. Red Hat OpenShift users can use the easy-to-use UI and DevOps portal provided by Cocktail Cloud and operate APIs that users can easily connect to services optimized for the Korean market.

Meanwhile, NAMUTECH also plans to obtain Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification on Cocktail Cloud.

Kyeong Sang Kim, GM of Red Hat Korea, said, “Red Hat OpenShift is a Kubernetes platform that implements open hybrid cloud, trusted by more than 3,500 companies around the world.” He added, “The combination of Red Hat OpenShift and Cocktail Cloud will provide a powerful integrated product to lead the cloud platform market.”

Chul Jung, CEO of NAMUTECH, commented, “NAMUTECH will provide cloud-native platform technologies optimized for customer’s needs. We will take the lead in the PaaS market by integrating Red Hat OpenShift, a global PaaS market powerhouse, and Cocktail Cloud, the first container-based cloud-native platform in Korea.”

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