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Triple-digit employment 'unusual' for 5 consecutive years
2000 employees... Doubled in 10 years↑
Samsung and SK hynix facility investment response

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Applied Materials Korea (Applied Korea) will be hiring up to 300 people this year.
Applied Materials is the No. 1 semiconductor equipment company in the world. It is uncommon for a foreign equipment company to hire a three digit number for five consecutive years in Korea. It is responding to domestic semiconductor facility investment by focusing on securing engineers.

Applied Korea started hiring both new and experienced engineers in 2022.It plans to secure employees from six fields, including engineers from semiconductor process and software support, and advisors from technical. It is also going to recruit managers and sales planners. Hwaseong, Pyeongtaek, Icheon, and Bundang are four workplaces. Althoughthe exact number of the recruitment has not been confirmed, it plans to hire anywhere from 200 to 300 people. Last year, Applied Korea hired roughly 200 engineers, and nearly 800 people were hired from 2018 to 2020.

If accounting for this year's recruitment, the number of hired employees continue to be the three-digitscale for the fifth consecutive year. An Applied Korea official said, "We plan to hire more people than last year.” Applied Korea had fewer than 1,000 employees in the beginning of 2010, but has recently expanded significantly to 2000 employees with the revitalization of semiconductor investment.
Applied Korea's workforce expansion is in line with domestic semiconductor facility investment. The demand for semiconductor equipment construction and operation and technical support engineers has increased significantly with the expansion of Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix's semiconductor production lines. Applied Materials has the largest share of the global semiconductor equipment market, and practically all semiconductor manufacturers have equipped Applied Materials products.
Applied Korea is focusing on expanding welfare benefits and improving employee competency. A professional job competency development program is in operation with the US headquarters. It will cover various systems, such as the staggered commute, family day early leave, club activities, and professional counseling support for employees and their families. Applied Korea was selected as 'Korea's Best Jobs in 2020' by the Ministry of Employment and Labor, and it received a commendation from the governor of  Gyeonggi Province for its contribution for development of local community and social contribution activities.
Applied Korea will significantly expand its R&D workforce, and establish an R&D center for domestic semiconductor equipment. It is reported that the site selection process is at its final stage.

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