Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix increase their investment
Expanding EUV-based advanced microprocessing capabilities
Korea's sales to be more than double compared to last year
Establishing a domestic

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Dutch company ASML raised its sales target to KRW 20 trillion in 2025 for extreme ultraviolet (EUV) exposure equipment, which is the double the amount compared to last year.  It was expected that sales in Korea will increase exponentially with the increased investment from Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix.
ASML CEO Peter Wennink recently held the 'ASML Investor Day,’ and expanded the sales forecast from 24 billion euros (KRW 32.54 trillion) to 30 billion dollars (KRW 40.68 trillion) for 2025. This is the result of growing semiconductor industry and investment strategies for advanced microprocessing.
ASML's total sales were estimated to be 18.6 billion euros (KRW 25.22 trillion won) last year. Especially, Korea and Taiwan had 50% increase in sales compared to the previous year. In 2021, the sales from Korea accounted for 6,223 billion euros (KRW 8.43 trillion won) and the sales of Taiwan was 7,237 billion euros (KRW 9.93 trillion won), which are 50% and 55% increase, respectively.
It is understood that Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix are the largest investors in Korea, and they expanded their EUV-based advanced microprocessing capabilities. It is expected that preemptive investment will be expanded not only in memory but also in advanced semiconductor processes as the semiconductor market continues to grow this year.  Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix are reported to invest more than KRW 57 trillion in domestic and foreign investment this year in response to the demand for EUV-based advanced process.
ASML expects to double the sales in Korea by 2025 compared to 2021. The sales are likely to reach up to KRW 20 trillion, when considering the annual double-digit growth rate. ASML sold 42 EUV equipment as of last year. Samsung Electronics and TSMC of Taiwan purchased the most EUV equipment last year in Korea.
Samsung Electronics is planning to import more than 10 EUV equipment this year to improve its advanced foundry process. SK hynix plans to sign a contract worth KRW 4.75 trillion for EUV equipment by 2025, and bring EUV equipment sequentially.
ASML will also expand its local investment in order to expand Korea's EUV supply. It will establish a high-tech semiconductor cluster in Dongtan, Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do, and fortify the manpower of the ASML Korea headquarters. ASML plans to expand sales of EUV equipment in Korea with this advancement.
An ASML Korea official said, “Korea is a very important market for ASML, and we are increasing the investment in Korea in response to the demand in the semiconductor market.”

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