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Big as a nail size, reduced volume by 75% and weight by 84%
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South Korean semiconductor startup EM Coretech has developed the world's first electro-magnetic management IC (EMIC). EM Coretech is testing on-site proof of concept (POC) with the goal of mass-producing for electronic device products of global electronic companies and car manufacturers.

EM Coretech announced on the 15th that they developed an electro-magnetic management IC (EMIC) and is conducting POC tests with 8 global companies including electronic companies and car manufacturers. The company explained that they are conducting tests with the goal of mass-producing EMIC for electronic devices for electric vehicles, home appliances, and energy storage systems (ESS).

EMIC is a semiconductor chip that blocks any malfunction of electronic devices caused by electro-magnetic interference (EMI) noise that might enter electronic devices. This semiconductor has active device module with current sensor that can detect EMI noise ahead and inputs the opposite noise with an isolation transformer to offset the noise.

Electronic devices block electro-magnetic wave with EMI filter made by passive element. However, electronic devices with large output with smaller sizes made limitation reducing the size while blocking electro-magnetic wave noise down to 60~70dBuV level.

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EM Coretech reduced the EMIC to the size of a fingernail. They realized active element module including surrounding elements of the chip to the size of 100 KRW coin. Sang-young Jung, EM Coretech’s chief technology officer, said “EMIC handles functions of existing EMI filters in the market and removes up to 98% of noises. Improving from EMI shielding filter, which has weakness of not be able to reduce the size, we can reduce the volume by 75%, and the weight by 84%.”

It is expected that EMIC will be commercialized by targeting global companies. Application tests are being conducted with 8 global companies on large TVs, electronic vehicles, high power home appliances, and industrial inverters. As of Japanese electronic company, it is expected to be commercialized within this year.

EM Coretech is a semiconductor startup founded by Jin-guk Kim, a professor from Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology. They applied 49 EMIC patents and registered 18. As EMI technology is drawing attention from electronic device market, global companies are expanding the application of POC. EM Coretech is expecting sales in earnest when the POC test is completed.

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