Meere Company announced on the 6th that it will introduce its next-generation 3D based ToF (time-of-flight) camera ‘Cube Eye' lineup at 'CES 2022', the world's largest IT electronics exhibition.

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ToF cameras use 3D sensor technology to detect and measure people, objects, and spaces. It has little influence under the sunlight, and able to detect and measure a large area.
Meere Company's next-generation 3D ToF camera supports high precision and high resolution with a more compact design compared to existing 3D cameras. It is equipped with an in-house built ASIC chip that internalizes the distance calculation algorithm, which minimizes the distance error, power consumption and heat generation.
Meere Company will demonstrate various applications in daily life using Cube Eye at the CES booth. It will introduce sanitary and safe '3D virtual touch solution' without physically touching during the COVID-19 era, 'Face recognition solution’ that specializes to prevent forgery, 'Eye Tracking Solution' using eye tracking algorithm.
The company will also release an AR zone as a future concept where you can directly experience virtual reality by implementing a smart home without wearable devices.
Meere Company CEO Joon-ku Kim said, “I am proud to introduce the next-generation Cube Eye to global companies and buyers. It will be possible to increase interest in 3D sensors by providing various experiences and fun elements.”
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