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<Jong-hee Han, vice chairman of Samsung Electronics. [Source: Samsung Electronics]>
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<Kye-hyun Kyung, CEO of Samsung Electronics and head of DS division>

Samsung Electronics will focus on stabilizing its semiconductor supply chain in the new year. It is also taking on the challenge of mass producing the world's first 3-nano chips. Samsung Electronics began their global strategic meeting on the 21st, starting with the DS sector. The meeting is a regular meeting organized by the head of each business division and is held in June and December every year. This is the first meeting since Vice Chairman Jong-hee Han and President Kye-hyun Kyung transitioned to a "two-top" system.

President Kyung reportedly presented a future vision for Samsung Electronics' DS sector to leap forward amid the U.S.-China trade conflict and calls for stabilization in the semiconductor supply chain. As the Taylor Foundry plant in the U.S. begins constructions in the new year, Samsung is going over major strategies to strengthen their production capabilities. 

As Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Jae-yong Lee recently mentioned after his business trip to the U.S., "I saw the desperate voice and harsh reality of the field," it is expected that he has looked closely at future survival strategies. While narrowing the gap with Taiwan's TSMC in the foundry sector, securing technological competitiveness to leap forward in system semiconductors was also discussed.

President Kyung's new business culture is also something to pay attention to. In a recent meeting of executives and employees, President Kyung said, "Whether it is a development site or a business, we need the freedom to fail freely." In other words, he emphasized the spirit of challenging yourself for internal innovation. 

The DX division, which integrates the consumer electronics (CE) and IT and mobile (IM) sectors for the first time in 10 years due to the recent reorganization, will also begin a global strategic meeting on the 22nd. Given that it is the first strategic meeting since the integration, various discussions are expected to take place, including creating synergy between the two business sectors. Some predict that it will only go over major pending issues as there is insufficient time to establish strategies.

The "One Samsung" strategy, which focuses on creating synergy between business units, is expected to come to form. Samsung Electronics emphasized a new customer experience (DX) that encompasses TV, home appliances, and mobile devices while integrating CE and IM in the reorganization. It is expected that strategies focusing on developing services that will allow for smoother connectivity and better usage experience in multi-device environment will be established. On top of that, discussions on external variables such as supply chain management and raw material prices following the re-proliferation of COVID-19 are also expected. Samsung Electronics said, "Synergy measures for 'One Samsung' will be discussed mainly by taking advantage of the purpose of the reorganization."

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