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NAMUTECH joined forces with Red Hat Korea and C Platform, with a "strategic partnership for targeting the public/private, hybrid cloud market."
The partnership between the three companies was promoted with the goal of integrating Red Hat's enterprise Kubernetes solution, ‘Red Hat OpenShift,’ into ‘Cocktail Cloud,’ a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) of NAMUTECH. Through this, the plan is to support the conversion of domestic customers from cloud setup and virtualization (VM) environments to containers and cloud environments.
In addition, C Platform provides the integrated PaaS of NAMUTECH’s ‘Cocktail Cloud’ and Red Hat’s ‘OpenShift’ to the public market. Their strategy is to take the lead in the technical support and hybrid cloud platform set up to transition from the existing legacy infrastructure environment to the container environment.
Currently, the companies have completed the functional verification for the operation of ‘OpenShift’ in ‘Cocktail Cloud.’ They also plan on acquiring the Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification, a certification to deploy and manage applications within ‘OpenShift.’ Through this, the ‘Cocktail Cloud Catalog’ will be provided within ‘OpenShift,’ and ‘Cocktail Cloud’ will be listed on the ‘Red Hat Marketplace.’
Container technology-based PaaS ‘Cocktail Cloud’ supports a customized cloud build environment according to the customers' business environment. It is also possible to manage all applications, physical servers, and cloud infrastructure deployed in multi-cluster from a single control point screen.
Red Hat OpenShift is an enterprise Kubernetes platform for implementing an open hybrid cloud. Through the security and performance verification process of the latest version of Kubernetes, businesses can use it with confidence. It also supports optimization from bare-metal environments to the public, private clouds, and the edge.
NAMUTECH CEO Chul Jung said,"'Cocktail Cloud' is expanding its appearance by securing large-scale references in finance, manufacturing, and public sectors such as Samsung Electronics, Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Shinhan Bank, Hyundai Card, Doosan, and LS." He added, "We will lead the next-generation public and private open hybrid cloud business and grow together by combining the open hybrid cloud technology of Red Hat and Red Hat collaboration model with the strong sales know-how of C Platform."
Vincent Kim, CEO of C Platform, said, "Public institutions and private companies are diversifying their approaches to cloud adoption, and interest in PaaS, an essential element for hybrid cloud implementation, is growing. We have responded to market demand through the collaboration model of NAMUTECH's 'Cocktail Cloud' and Red Hat's
'OpenShift.' We will lead in supplying cloud platforms."
Kyeong-sang Kim, CEO of Red Hat Korea, said, "Red Hat's open hybrid cloud strategy does not require customers to be tied to a specific cloud provider. We provide a cloud environment where we can develop, deploy, operate, and manage various applications using open source technology in any IT environment." He added, "Public and private customers will be able to overcome the limitations of existing cloud services, which have had difficulties in operation due to an isolated environment, with open hybrid cloud."

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