Local venture company Kreemo will partner with Mixcomm to develop a high-performance 5G module optimized for Metaverse. The key is to smoothly transmit and receive high-frequency signals from any direction at 360 degrees. Starting with cooperation with Mixcomm, Kreemo is speeding up its efforts to target global markets.

Kreemo recently partnered with Mixcomm[U.S. 5G communication technology company] to develop a 5G module that enables high-capacity data processing and smoothly receives 360-degree content.

The goal is to create the world's first 5G module for metaverse by combining Kreemo’s 360-degree antenna technology with Mixcomm's ultra-high frequency integrated circuit (RF) technology.

The new product has a wide range of radiation as it has double existing antennas. Existing 5G antennas are placed on the back of the device which cause reducing signal strength when holding the device with hands or placing the device on the floor or cradle. There is no big problem when transmitting and receiving low-frequency signals but signal interference occurred when transmitting and receiving large amounts of data.
Kreemo solved the problem by devising a differentiated antenna design. Kreemo devised the world's first 5G stacked patch antenna that provides 360-degree coverage.

This antenna module has a structure in which two upper and lower antennas are layered. It smoothly transmits and receives high-frequency signals in any direction of 360 degrees. There is no antenna reception shadow area and broadband high capacity reception is possible. Kreemo also secured a patent for this design.
Currently, high-frequency 5G communication has entered commercialization in the U.S. market but there have been limitations in market expansion due to unstable antenna transmission and reception. With the joint development of Kreemo and Mixcomm, it is predicted that the U.S. high frequency 5G market will expand faster.

Kreemo and Mixcomm aimed at the world's rapidly growing metaverse market. In order to enjoy hyper-connected and ultra-realistic 5G content services smoothly, high-quality antennas that transmit and receive high-frequency data and signals are essential.

It has endless usability. This antenna module can be used in various fields such as augmented reality (AR), games, data devices and more.

The company is speeding up the construction of 5G infrastructure and expansion of coverage worldwide and is predicting the possibility of market growth. According to market research firm, IBIS World, the global 5G equipment market is $37.8 billion (about 45 trillion Won) last year and expected to grow more than quadruple within 2 years to.

Jay Martin, head of Mixcomm's global business division, said, "With this partnership, the two companies will do their best to develop the best 5G module for Metaverse."
Joon-ho Park, CEO of Kreemo, said, "The two companies will cooperate to develop 5G modules for metaverse to accelerate their efforts to target global markets

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By Staff Reporter So-ra Park (srpark@etnews.com)