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The Ministry of Science and ICT is promoting the recruitment guarantee software (SW) manpower training project. The key point is to provide customized education necessary for demanding companies and to allow those who have completed the training to find employment in the demanding companies.

The budget (draft) for the 'Corporate Membership SW Camp' project submitted to the National Assembly by the Ministry of Science and ICT (12.4 billion KRW) passed the Budget Subcommittee of the Special Budget and Settlement Committee.

The corporate membership SW camp is part of the 'SW Talent Cultivation Measures' announced by the government in June. As a recruitment guarantee business, the company develops the training program necessary for a specific company's business, and the company hires manpower after completing the training.

If you are an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system developer, you will develop a specialized training course based on the necessary development language and on-the-job training (OJT). It is possible to minimize the period from the training of the necessary manpower to the on-site placement.

Jun-hong Ha, head of the SW Talent Policy Team at the Ministry of Science and ICT, said, “The company directly participates in the development of training programs and the selection of trainees. to do. Giving a company the right to operate a training program tailored to its own company, but also giving responsibility for hiring more than 50% of trainees”

The recruitment guarantee SW manpower nurturing project is being conducted by the Korea Software Industry Association centered on some member companies such as Uracle and I-on Communications. According to the association, the employment rate for the recruitment guarantee SW manpower training project is over 70%.

Educational opportunities are provided to those who wish to work in the SW field, and employment possibilities are guaranteed compared to the 'employment-linked' project targeting unspecified companies. Participating companies are increasingly interested in the fact that it is easy to secure manpower with the necessary competencies.

Jun-hee Cho, president of the Korea Software Industry Association, said, “It is different from the existing human resource development project in that it fosters talents needed in the field and promotes employment at a certain level. It has positive impact because it helps to resolve youth unemployment and allows companies to hire the talent they want.”

According to a preliminary demand survey conducted by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Software Industry Association, 850 workers were required from 70 to 80 companies that participated in the survey. Small and medium-sized venture companies responded that they needed 1-4 people and medium-sized companies needed more than 10 people.

Through the corporate membership SW camp, the Ministry of Science and ICT plans to train 600 people each year, in total of 2400 people for 4 years, starting from next year. About 150 out of 600 people are planning to organize a program to nurture human resources in other industries such as automobiles and finance, in addition to only software.

The corporate membership SW camp budget is allocated to the Institute for Information & communication Technology Planning & evaluation Institute (IITP). IITP recruits educational institutions (associations, etc.) through a public contest early next year and conducts follow-up work such as development of educational programs in connection with demanding companies.

On the other hand, with the acceleration of digital transformation, the shortage of manpower in the SW field is expected to intensify. According to the Software Policy & Research Institute, the demand for new manpower in the SW field over the next five years is 353,000.

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