New product not released… Existing models discontinued
Galaxy S Ultra’s concept to be integrated
Increase production of foldable phones to replace supplies.

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<Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy 20 Series>

Samsung Electronics is to discontinue producing Galaxy Note series this year. It has been confirmed that the Galaxy Note series was excluded from the annual smartphone production plan in 2022. Following the non-release of new products, Samsung has decided to completely withdraw existing models that have continued to be sold.

Samsung Electronics produced about 3.2 million models of Galaxy Note 20, which was released last year. Although the S Pen was applied to the Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold 3 to integrate the ‘Note’ experience, this was done to supply the product to the domestic and foreign mobile communication markets in line with the enthusiastic demand for the Galaxy Note series. However, starting next year there will be no products produced under the name of the Galaxy Note. Instead, among the three Galaxy S series that will be released in the first half of the year, the "Ultra" model is likely to inherit the Galaxy Note series product concept.

Earlier this year, Samsung Electronics confirmed the possibility of integrating the lineup by supporting S Pen handwriting input to the Galaxy S21 Ultra. It is known that the Galaxy S22 Ultra (tentative name) model, which will be introduced early next year, is preparing not only the overall product design but also the core functions of the Galaxy Note such as pen storage.

The main reason behind Samsung Electronics' decision to stop production of Galaxy Note series is the expansion of foldable smartphone production. It is interpreted that it is possible to reduce costs and replace flagship sales volume in the second half of the year by stabilizing foldable production yields and improving process efficiency. Prior to this, Samsung Electronics shipped 12.7 million Galaxy Note series in 2019 and 9.7 million Galaxy Note series in 2020, respectively. Samsung Electronics' annual shipment target for the Galaxy Z series next year is 13 million units, exceeding the Galaxy Note series. The next flagship smartphone Galaxy S22 series is expected to be released and sold through Global Unpack in February next year. The follow-up model of the Galaxy Z series is expected to begin mass production in the third quarter.
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