Hyundai Motor, early release of improved model 'unusual'
Willingness to succeed in the first dedicated platform 'E-GMP'
Increase battery capacity from 72.6 to 77.5 KWh
Automatic performance upgrad

Hyundai Motor released the new ‘IONIQ 5’ a year after the launch of the ‘IONIQ 5’. Driving performance has been improved by at least 10%, and the range of over-the-air update (OTA) applications is greatly strengthened with driver assistance systems. It is unusual for Hyundai to release an improved product of the same model within a year. It is interpreted as the will to succeed in the first electric vehicle.

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<Hyundai Motor’s IONIQ 5.>

Hyundai Motor Company unveiled the new IONIQ 5 model at an internal fair. The new IONIQ 5 will be released in domestic and oversea market early next year. The automotive industry usually releases a new model 2-3 years after the launch of a new car, but the new IONIQ 5 came out after a year. It is an attempt to immediately respond to market reactions and improve product perfection as it is equipped with Hyundai's first dedicated platform.

The new IONIQ 5 has increased the battery capacity from 72.6 ㎾ h to 77.5 ㎾ h. Accordingly, the current domestic official mileage (at room temperature) is expected to increase from 423 km to 480~490 km. Hyundai Motor will increase the number of existing 2.4 ㎾h battery modules from 30 to 32. This would be the same battery capacity as KIA 'EV6', and this was possible from the result of maximizing the space of the EV-only platform E-GMP with

In addition, OTA, which automatically upgrades vehicle performance, is greatly strengthened. OTA, which had been applied to the existing infotainment system, was also applied to various areas such as △Electric vehicle integrated control system △ Advanced driver assistance system △ Suspension △ Airbag.

By using OTA, you can update the latest functions without going to a service center just like a smartphone. In particular, the V2G (Vehicle to Grid) function was only applied to some production vehicles through OTA, but will be extended to the entire IONIQ 5 trim. In cooperation with Korea Electric Power Corporation next year, it is expected implementation of a personal smart grid that supplies the remaining electricity used in the vehicle to the power grid would be possible.

It is known that the IONIQ 5 is maintaining similar policy to the current price while expanding advanced features such as driving performance and OTA. A Hyundai Motor official said on the 1st, "We are considering various things, but nothing has been decided at this time."

The IONIQ 5 released by Hyundai Motor Company around April last year were sold 15,467 units in domestic market and 23,050 units for export (based on shipment), and it would be total of 38,517 units. Initially, they planned to sell more than 60,000 units in Korea and abroad, but some production was delayed due to the supply issues of semiconductor parts that started the beginning of this year.

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