Users have priorities on application performance and workload processing speed, and now HPE 'ProLiant Gen10' is establishing themselves as a Korean industry standard server. The ProLiant Gen10 server portfolio is flexible, reliable and performance-optimized x86-based servers. It is contributing to lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) in the industry based on the highest level of computing innovation.

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HPE official said, “Digital transformation is meaningful in accelerating innovation, and a keyimplementing strategy to find the optimal combination of hybrid IT.”They continued, “In order to implement a hybrid IT environment, the infrastructure must have agility, security and economic consumption models.”

Portfolio of the ProLiant Gen10 draws attention as a product that meets these three factors.

The first is 'agility'. ProLiant Gen10 delivers a new business agility experience with a software-defined infrastructure. It supports the latest Intel Xeon processor scalable products and AMD EPYC 7000 series processors, and can predict and prevent failures through cloud-based artificial intelligence analysis tools. Performance optimization is promoted through Intelligent System Tuning (IST). IST, developed jointly by Intel and HPE, is a new server tuning technology that can dynamically configure server resources for specific workloads. A new function was added to the IST for an intelligent performance measurement that iLO directly monitors the utilization and performance figures of critical hardware and displays them in time series.

The second is 'security'. The 'Silicon Root of Trust' technology is built into the hardware itself, so iLO 5 detects firmware corruption in real time. HPE provides a higher level of platform security than other industry servers by designing and producing their own hardware and firmware of iLO 5.

HPE official said, "This is because HPE does not outsource server management controllers. At the same time, we have a strict firmware verification process to ensure that there is no possibility that the firmware will be compromised before the customer receives the server.” 

Some argue that other products also have a hardware-based root of trust, but it is different from HPE's Silicon Root of Trust and the security theyprovide is limited.

HPE official said, “The HPE Silicon Root of Trust is produced in a TAA compliant country and cannot be altered or duplicated.The hardware-based root of trustis subject to external factors when it is inserted into a management module when producing a server.”

The third is the 'economic consumption model'. If you're using on-premises IT, the transition to on-demand IT isn't easy. 'Green Lake Flex Capacity' is a service that combines the simplicity, agility, and economy of the public cloud with the security and performance advantages of on-premises IT. Users can set the optimal combination of hybrid and workload placement.

Through this, the agility of the cloud service delivery model, the usage-based payment system, and the rapid scalability can all be secured.Interest in ProLiant Gen10 is also growing in the procurement market. Zungwon Ensys, which supplies products to the domestic market, recently listed 10 additional models in the procured product list.There are 5 models of 'ProLiant DL380Gen10' and 5 models of 'ProLiant DL360Gen10'. The ProLiant DL380Gen10 model takes advantage of state-of-the-art security performance and scalability.

They are backed by a comprehensive quality assurance, making them suitable for any server environment. They arestandardized on the industry's most trusted computing platform. In particular, it has a flexible design structure that can be expanded as business demands increase. Onboard permanent memory provides unprecedented performance and data resiliency for database and analytics workloads. Security innovation is also noteworthy.

Security protections are built-in, starting with the silicon root of trust, throughout the server lifecycle.The ProLiant DL360Gen10 model also boasts security, agility and flexibility. It has a built-in scalable processor that improves performance by up to 71% with a 27% increase in cores and a smart memory that supports up to 3.0TB with a performance increase of up to 66%.

In particular, this additional registration product family includes new models with graphics cards.

A representative of Zungwon Ensys said, "Item identification number '24236014' has Nvidia RTX6000 and item identification number '24236015' has Nvidia T4 graphics card installed.The product identification number '24235997' model is being evaluated as a product suitable for the cloud environment.”

In addition, the 'StoreEasy1660 + Veeam' model and parts were added to the disk array in October. Now there are 17 computer servers and 8 disk arrays registered as HPE products. The detailed information of products can be checked by selecting 'Zungwon Ensys' as a keyword on the Korea G2B website.

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