The Plan G announces the activities as the 3rd Generation Open Innovation Accelerator...
Accelerating into the global market by creating a multilingual platform

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The Plan G (CEO Kyung-ah Lee), a resident of the METAVERSEHUB Corporate Growth Center, announced on the 6th (Tuesday) that it was selected as the ‘3rd GEN NEXT CHALLENGE Accelerator’.
The Plan G will reinforce its service by forming a strategic partnership with the NEXT CHALLENGE Foundation. In particular, it is accelerating its entry into the global market, starting with India and Vietnam, by making the application as a multi-language platform.
In addition, The Plan G will have opportunities to attract investment by being selected for 3rd gen accelerator, receive regular mentoring from experts in each field, and receive customized acceleration support such as linking with NEXT CHALLENGE cooperation partners and also commercialization with ISU Group.
Odinga English, introduced by The Plan G on the NEXT CHALLENGE Demo Day, is an English conversation learning app designed for elementary school students. A child becomes an English teacher and learns on his/her own by teaching English directly to a character named Odinga. In addition, the user can practice speaking English with words and sentence patterns that are frequently used in actual conversation rather than the existing English conversation learning method that focuses on memorization.
CEO Kyung-ah Lee said, “Currently, we are focusing on differentiating our contents and promoting the company,” she continued, “I hope that one day, every elementary school children will use Odinga English to embrace English as an exciting language to learn and become more confident in speaking English.”
Meanwhile, Odinga English has recently passed the 100,000 cumulative downloads of the app, and has been actively promoting the company by holding an event to provide a free video call service once a week for excellent customers for a month. Starting with this event, The Plan G plans to launch an official video English service in December.

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