It is predicted that Korea will invest the most in semiconductor equipment in the world next year.
According to the 'Fab Prospect Report' on the 15th, the International Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) predicted that next year's total semiconductor process facility investment will reach $100 billion, which is a new record. The investment is expected to increase by 11% compared to this year.

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<Trend of global semiconductor factory (fab) facility investment (Photo provided by Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International)>

Korea is expected to lead the global semiconductor fab (factory) facility investment by region. Korea's next year's investment is estimated at $30 billion, surpassing Taiwan's $26 billion and China's $17 billion. Japan is expected to invest $9 billion, $8 billion from Europe and the Middle East, and $6 billion from North America.
Investment in the foundry sector stands out by sector. The global foundry investment is expected to reach 44 billion dollars. The investment accounts majority for fab equipment. The figure reflects the large-scale investment plans of major foundry companies such as Samsung Electronics, TSMC, and Intel. Investment in the memory sector is expected to be $38 billion. $17 billion and $21 billion are expected to be invested in DRAM and NAND investments, respectively.
About $9 billion in micro/MPU sector, $3 billion in discrete and power semiconductors, and $2 billion in analog semiconductors and other devices are expected amount of investment.
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