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<Seong-sik Won, CEO of IBM Korea>

IBM Korea introduced the 'Enterprise Digital Platform' that integrates support for corporate cloud operations for the hybrid cloud era.

During the online meeting on the 7th, IBM Korea CEO Seong-sik Won said, “According to the IBM Institute for Business Value, 80% of global companies are already using two or more different clouds, and the business transition to the cloud in Korea is kicking off” and he continued, “We have preparedan enterprise digital platform focusing onhybrid multi cloud strategy and solutions for the enterprises.”

Through this enterprise digital platform, IBM Korea supports domestic companies in various industries to expand their hybrid cloud and to use it to create business value.

The IBM Enterprise Digital Platform consists of four platforms: △Applications △Data/Artificial Intelligence (AI) △Integrated Cloud Management △Security.

CEO Seong-sik Won said, “We provide integrated management, monitoring, and policy application functions based on understanding and visibility into traditional information technology (IT) environments such as corporate cloud and on-premises.It supports patency, intelligence and automation in cloud-based IT environments, such as cost optimization and real-time detection and accident response automation from a company-wide perspective.

IBM Korea shared examples of domestic companies that promoted solid IT modernization based on an enterprise digital platform.

Afreeca TV introduced 'IBM Elastic Storage System (IBM ESS) 3000' flash storage and disk-based storage 'GL5S Storage Appliance' to strengthen their live broadcasting and VOD service capabilities.The management point was simplified by changing the system used as distributed storage to a single global namespace-based management system. The combination of the latest storage and high-performance parallel file system reduces the risk of service delay even when user access increases dramatically.

As the number of local governments using local currency services has increased recently, the Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation has converted from the cloud data center, which was being operated by consignment, to the IBM blockchain platform. The IBM blockchain platform built by IBM Korea along with YeonmuTech provides a stable cloud environment based on Red Hat OpenShift and Linux One to easily build a network. The Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporationhas improved its performance by about 4 to 5 times compared to the existing system and has been able to respond to failures more quickly.

CEO Seong-sik Won said, “In order for a company to expand to an enterprise-level hybrid cloud beyond cloud adoption, it is important to solve the various challenges faced by each infrastructure. Through the enterprise digital platform, we will provide solutions optimized for each company's business environment, and become a partner supporting customers' successful cloud transition journey from end-to-end.

Seong-sik Won was recently appointed as the new CEO.

CEO Seong-sik Won said, “Based on our hybrid cloud strategy/solution and consulting/service capabilities, we expect to have expanded market opportunities compared to the past.If the growth of a foothold and continuity are maintained, IBM employee satisfaction and self-esteem will increase.”

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