Growing demand for eco-friendly and sustainable society
Emphasis on paradigm shift in the electronics industry

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<Global Tech Korea 2021 hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and supervisedby the Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology and ET Newswas held online live at COEX, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 6th.Samsung Electro-Mechanics President Kye-hyun Kyung delivered a keynote speech on the topic of organic activities for a better everyday life. Dong-geon Lee(>

'Providing social value' has emerged as a hot topic in the electronics industry. It is a diagnosis that the era has arrived where technology companies must provide new values as interest in a safer, greener and more sustainable society due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the keynote speech of 'Global Tech Korea 2021'thatstarted on the 6th, industry leaders emphasized with one voicethat the paradigmofthe electronics industrymustchange and response. Samsung Electro-Mechanics President Kye-hyun Kyung said, “Through COVID-19, the spread of non-face-to-face culture, changes in the value of life, and changes in perceptions about health and the environment are taking place.” SK Hynix Vice President(CTO)Jin-kook Kim said, “Our society is living in an era of rapid change, where more than half of the data generated over 10 years being created withinlast 3 years.” Kai Beckmann, Chairman of Merck Electronics, also said, "As the world becomesdigitalized, the electronics industry is also changing according to customer needs."

The paradigm shift thatthe electronics industry isfacingwouldthe technology that can provide social value. After COVID-19, the role and expectations of technology for a better life have grown. "The time has come for technology to provide new value," said Jin-kook Kim, vice president of SK hynix. Samsung Electro-Mechanics President Kye-hyun Kyung emphasized, "Companies that can provide 'better daily life' and values will survive."

Merck Chairman Kai Beckmannemphasized, “It is an encouraging time full of opportunities despite the chaos caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.As the world becomes digitized, the role of the display as a key interface between people and the digital world becomes more important, thereforethe scope of application for semiconductors and displays is expanding.” Raman Achutharaman, Vice President of Applied Materials, also emphasized “It is the most interesting time for the semiconductor market. The semiconductor industry has been working to improve power, performance, space, cost, and time to market. Applied Materials has a long-term vision to dramatically improve this.”

Global Tech Korea 2021 hadopening ceremony and keynote speech on the 6th,and will continue from the 7th until 9th with the following presentations △semiconductor materials, parts, equipment △display materials, parts, equipment △battery/hot tech session

<Congratulatory message from President Jae-in Moon>

President Jae-inMoonsent a congratulatory message to Global Tech Korea, expressing his will to nurture future industries so that it can respond to paradigm shifts. President Moon said, “This year, Korea achieved outstanding results in all industries including semiconductors, displays, batteries, materials, parts, and equipment and proudly rose to the ranks of advanced countries.” Andhecontinued “Today's conference theme, 'Meet the future with K-Tech', shows the achievement and pride of our technology leading the world.” PresidentMoonsaid “System semiconductor, bio, and future carsarethe three new industries which Korean government is emphasizing, and are positioned as the main pillars of the new economy.The data, network, and artificial intelligence (AI) industries are pioneering new markets by leading technological innovation.” Heemphasized, “The government will provide strong support for future industries to grow faster.” Heclosedwiththestatement “We support Korean hard-working engineers who areworkingsilentlyintheir sweat. I hope that Global Tech Korea will become a place of solidarity and cooperation.”
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