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Semiconductor is considered 'the rice of industry’. Competition between countries and companies for industrial hegemony is fierce. This is an era where those who control over the semiconductor market lead the future. Semiconductors have emerged as an essential element in our lives and even in the future. In the fierce battle for semiconductors dominance, global tech leaders prepare innovative technologies for the future semiconductor era. 'Global Tech Korea 2021', which will begin on September 6, will show the semiconductor technology’s potential and its market with semiconductor experts who are active in the global and domestic markets.

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<Hyung-sub Kim, Head of Samsung Electronics Semiconductor Research Center (left) and Hyun-kyuJeon, Director of LX Semiconductor Research Center>

In 'Semiconductor + Material, Parts and Equipment’ session to be held on the 7th, the second day of 'Global Tech Korea 2021', a world semiconductor technology leader will give a lecture on innovations in semiconductors, materials, parts and equipment (leader). The session keynote will be delivered by Hyung-sub Kim, head of the Samsung Electronics Semiconductor Research Center (General manager) on the topic of ‘Semiconductor’s potential and its future vision'. General manager Kim once again emphasizes the importance of semiconductors in the non-face-to-face society caused by the 4th industrial revolution and COVID-19. This is the first time for the general manager Kim to give a lecture on a third-party event.
LX Semiconwill deliver its second keynote speech. Hyun-kyuJeon, head of LX Semicon'sresearch center, will give a presentation on 'the current status of technology development and future preparations for display system semiconductors’.General managerJeonshares information on LX Semicon'ssystem semiconductor development environment. Topics that will be focused on the talk are a response to the shift in the center of gravity of the display from liquid crystal display (LCD) to organic light emitting diode (OLED), and 'customer-tailored display system-on-a-chip (SoC) platform.

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<From left to right: ASML Executive Director Jin-hang Jung, Tokyo Electron CTO Young-woo Park, Lam Research DirectorSung-jin Hwang, and KLA Vice President Mark Shirley>

A large number of global companies supporting the global semiconductor market is under the spotlight as they will attend the event. The event had a place to check the present and future of the extreme ultraviolet (EUV) process, which is essential for the implementation of ultra-fine circuits. Jin-hang Jung, executive director of ASML, will give a lecture on 'High NA, the future of EUV technology'. It will be a time to see the development trend of optimization solutions in relation to ASML's next-generation 'high NA EUV' technology development stage. Young-woo Park, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Tokyo Electron (TEL), introduces TEL's latest EUV track equipment technology. EUV track equipment is a device that applies a photoresist, and develops and cleans after exposure. The device conveys TEL's competitiveness with having an overwhelming share in the market. CTO Park will also share the status of the next-generation 'gate all-around' (GAA) technology that will lead the semiconductor miniaturization process. Under the theme of '3D NAND flash manufacturing technology', Lam Research director Sung-jin Hwang plans to examine the challenges faced by the increase in NAND stacks and suggest solutions. KLA Vice President MarkShirleyintroduces the technological vision of semiconductor measurement and inspection equipment that will lead the 2020s.

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<Jung-hwan Lee, Head of Key Foundry Technology Division (left) and Jong-heonKim, CTO of Nepes>

The foundry market’s trend can be seen at the event which is drawing attention due to a shortage of semiconductor supply. Jung-hwan Lee, head of Key Foundry Technology Division, will give a lecture on '8-inch foundry market trend and core competitiveness’. The core competitiveness of key foundry technologies such as △BCD (bipolar, CMOS, DMOS) △mixed signal and △high voltage will be introduced and technologies that can be deployed in the future 8-inch foundry will be introduced. Nepes, a high-tech packaging company, will decorate the last session of the day. Jong-heon Kim, CTO of Nepes, plans to emphasize the importance of advanced packaging technology as the key to solving the gap between the front and back processes. The differentiated packaging technology of Nepes, such as fan-out-panel-level package (FO-PLP), will be introduced as well.
'Global Tech Korea 2021' will be broadcast live on the online website. Those who pre-register on the website can watch it for free. Simultaneous interpretation in English is also provided for the purpose of the global technical cooperation conference. Pre-registration is until September 3rd.
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