Maxst, a Metaverse platform company, announced on the 16th that it will release an integrated application 'MAXVERSE' that allows users to experience Metaverse services.MAXVERSE is a combination of 'Metaverse', a hot topic in the online market, and ‘Maxst.’ It is an app that allows many AR service experienceswith one integrated app.

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In the future, it is expected that anyone visiting the Trade Center will be able to easily and quickly access the Metaverse contents provided by Maxst using the MAXVERSE app. ‘AR navigation’ and ‘AR exhibition’ are the first services to be unveiled through the MAXVERSE app. A user can use the indoor and outdoor road guidance service uninterrupted in the Starfield store on the 1st and 2nd basement floors of COEX, the exhibition hall on the 1st floor, and the outdoor area from Samseong Station and Bongeunsa Station (approximately 4㎢). There is a unique exhibition with AR effects in Byeolmadang Library called the 4th anniversary art project 'Come and Feel the new Waves', an installation sculpture exhibition.
MAXVERSE is based on the VPS (Visual Positioning Service) platform, which is the core technology of Metaverse. It has been implemented so that more users can directly experience fun and useful AR contents.
An official from Maxst said, “We plan to provide service updates continuously with the addition of various contents such as AR mission games the year.”
The 3D spatial map of the Trade Center made from this project will be provided to the participants of the '2021 Metaverse Developer Contest.’ Maxst will provided an easy and quick way to support people who create apps and services using Maxst platform. Maxst also plans to secure various contents, ideas, and business opportunities.
Maxst CEO Jae-wan Park said, “It is an honor to present as the first Metaverse platform at COEX, which is the place of symbolism of excellent accessibility spatiality. We expect the number of regions to enjoy MAXVERSE contents and users increase through continuous expansion and development.
Meanwhile, MAXVERSE is a content produced with the support of the '5G Content Flagship Project' of the Ministry of Science and ICT. Android users can download it from the Google Play Store and iOS users can download it from the App Store.
There will be a service in near future that allows users to comfortably and easily use AR navigation hands-free with smartglasses.
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