Expected to improve the Air Force virtual training system

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<Changgong model performance improvement system structure Photo provided by Defense Acquisition Program Administration>

Simnet (CEO Jin-seob Cha), a modeling and simulation company, announced on the 20th that it has launched a research and development project to improve the performance of a war-game training system operated by the Air Force.
The 'Changgong model' is a computer-based simulation system that can simulate the Air Force aerospace operations similar to reality, and allows combat command practice. The operations include air defense, air interception, and close air support operations. it is possible to obtain an effect comparable to actual training, such as step-by-step planning for each operation, movement to the operation area, enemy detection and identification, and engagement without actually deploying and maneuvering troops.
Prior to this, the Air Force war-game system has been limited in its operations depending on changes in battlefield environment, and simulation of updated weapons systems, future weapon systems, and air force assets. The database structure for training was complex; thus, it was difficult to build and operate the data before training. An improved practical training performance was requested to eliminate some of the limitations in simulations such as ground warfare, naval warfare, and operational continuity.
Through this performance improvement project, it is expected that simulation capabilities will be significantly improved, such as adding a new weapon system, expanding the simulation range of aerospace operations, and detailing the simulation level to the current Changgong model developed in 2008. It will also link with the Air Force's tactical C4I system and joint war-game system as well as the changes in operational environment by 2024.
The project will simulate aerospace operations that include the latest power and weapon systems, and redesign the software and improve the DB structure in order to refine the system stability and user convenience. In addition, it will improve on linking with other models, such as ground forces, naval forces, and operational continuity for combined and independent exercises, and prepare the foundation for interworking with the Air Force LVC (Live, Virtual, Constructive.)
Ho-jun Won, general manager of the unmanned business unit at the Defense Acquisition Program Administration, explained “Once the performance improvement is completed, various battlefield situations of the Air Force will be simulated more realistically.”
Simnet said, "We will successfully complete the development various war-game training systems for the Joint Chiefs of Staff and each military, and CMMI level 4 process capabilities with our previous development experiences.”

By Staff Reporter Dae-won Yun