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LG Chem is opening up large-scale positions with the goal of becoming the world's largest battery materials company.

LG Chem announced on the 18ththat they will hire hundreds of experienced workers at its advanced materials business headquarters to expand its battery material workforce.

This is the second large-scale public recruitment this year after the first 250 people were hired on a single scale in the first half of this year since the launch of the advanced materials division in 2019. Recruitment targets are △ Battery materials such as cathode materials and separators △Organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) and information technology (IT) materials.

In the cathode material sector, the company plans to hire personnel in research and development (R&D), purchasing, sales/marketing, production/equipment technology fields such as the development of next-generation cathode materials and precursor processes.

Separation membrane, a new growth business, will secure professional manpower in various fields such as R&D, process technology, and product planning for early business stabilization. The IT materials division recruits talents for polarizing plates and OLEDs for automobiles and IT, as well as development of adhesive films for foldables, sales and marketing, and production technology.

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LG Chem also hires refining experts in the recycling field to extract major minerals such as nickel, cobalt, and manganese from waste batteries to strengthen its environmental, social and governance (ESG) business.

LG Chem is devoting its best to nurturing the battery material business. The cathode material, one of the four core materials for batteries, is strengthened by the development of high-nickel NCMA (nickel, cobalt, manganese, aluminum) next-generation products. In addition, it is preparing to establish a joint venture with a global mining company to stabilize the supply and demand of metal, a cathode material.

Chul Nam, head of LG Chem's advanced materials business division, said, "We will enhance the organization's capabilities and secure talented people with strong execution skills. We will lead the global battery materials market by further strengthening our existing businesses and succeeding in new businesses.”

After submitting documents by the 26th, a personality test, 1st interview, and 2ndgeneral interview will be conducted. The finalists will join the company in September and go through an introductory process before being assigned to each division.

Meanwhile, LG Chem is concentrating its investment to achieve its goal of becoming the world's No. 1 battery material. At a recent press conference, Vice President of LG Chem, Hakcheol Shin, announced that they would invest 6 trillion KRW in battery materials such as cathode materials, separators, and carbon nanotubes (CNTs). Last month, LG Chem also announced an equity investment in Jiujiang Defu Technology, a Chinese company that manufactures copper foil materials.

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<Chief Chul Nam of Advanced Materials Business Division is conducting a special lecture for experienced employees hired in the first half of the year Photo=LG Chem>

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