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IBM's information technology (IT) service company 'Kyndryl', which will be officially launched in the second half of this year, is targeting the hybrid cloud market with differentiated capabilities.
Jae-myung Ha, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of IBM Global Technology Services (GTS) Korea, said, “IBM GTS has expertise in the cloud sector as well as existing infrastructure (on-premises) to support the hybrid cloud better than anyone else. As Kyndryl spun off from IBM, we promise to provide better services with the existing technical capabilities and professional manpower and also by expanding ecosystem.”
Kyndryl will be the world's largest IT service company with 4,600 corporate customers in 115 countries. After the spin-off, it is expected to record annual sales of $19 billion, including 90,000 employees. In Korea, the GTS division of IBM Korea will spin off in the third quarter and start as 'Kyndryl Korea'.

Kyndryl puts its strengths in a variety of industry experiences and professional manpower compared to other companies. CTO explains “Other cloud service providers (CSPs) only support the simple process of moving an on-premises environment to the cloud, IBM GTS provides a total service that consults, operates, and supports the entire cloud process, not just a simple transfer, by adding the know-how and expertise of IBM's decades of experience in multiple enterprise on-premises environments.”

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IBM GTS Korea has secured major domestic cloud cases in recent years.

IBM GTS Korea supported the core project of Lotte Card based on its understanding of the financial industry as well as the cloud. For the first time in the financial industry, Lotte Card converted its core account system to a Platform as a Service (PaaS) based platform.

Another financial company is in the process of moving its core business system to the public. For integrated operation with some remaining systems on premises, they are working with IBM GTS Korea to prepare an operating system.

The largest domestic manufacturer has set up a separate organization with IBM GTS Korea to operate and manage the multi-cloud environment. In addition to managing cloud technology, they are exploring ways to internalize corporate capabilities.

Jae-myung Ha, CTO of IBS GTS Korea, said “Recent cases such as Lotte Card are something that only IBM GTS Korea could have handled, such as providing solutions optimized for each industry. Customers want not only cloud infrastructure but also overall support such as PaaS, and it is possible to integrate from consulting to actual implementation.”

He also added, “The hybrid cloud environment is not just technology, but an understanding of industry and legacy systems is very important. Even after the spin-off, we will provide better IT services based on professional know-how, manpower, and solution ecosystem expansion.”

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