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<Woo-jin Jung, CEO of Digital X1 is giving a presentation at the CNAX event (photo = Digital X1)>

Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) is launching CNAX (Cloud Native Agile Transformation) in Korea.

On the 23rd, the CNAX Forum held a launching ceremony at the ibis Styles Ambassador Seoul Myeongdong Hotel and announced the launch of a non-profit forum with the theme of digital transformation.

As interest in digital transformation such as Cloud Native, Agile, and DevOps is increasing, it is necessary to present the right direction and business strategy. The CNAX Forum aims to present innovation directions for markets, customers, and solutions through cooperation among participating companies.

Companies and individuals participating in the CNAX forum solve technical problems as open-source projects and share performance cases through conferences and seminars. They also promote the establishment of common standards, guides, and case studies for solving problems that arise in the process of digital transformation and digital shift.

In the CNAX forum, 9 companies leading the cloud and digital markets (Glendale Holdings, Nets, The Invention Lab, Digital X1, Megazone Cloud, Brick Mate, INSOFT, Open Source Consulting, and U engine) are participating as members.

Woo-jin Jung, CEO of Digital X1, who promoted this forum, said, “Through the launch of CNAX, cloud native and agile transformation will be more vitalized, and many companies and individuals will participate to build an ecosystem to share information and technology.”
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