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<Inter Battery 2020>

On June 9, 'Inter Battery 2021' will kick off as a specialized exhibition to survey the development of secondary batteries and high-tech trends. Celebrating its 9th anniversary this year, Inter Battery has established itself as one of the world's top three international battery-specialized events along with Japan's 'Battery Japan' and China's 'International Battery Expo'.

During this expo, LG Energy Solution will introduce the mass production technology of 'NCMA (nickel, cobalt, manganese, aluminum) battery' that raised nickel content to 90%, Samsung SDI will present 'NCA (nickel, cobalt, and aluminum) battery' with 88% nickel content respectively, and SK Innovation will unveil the 'NCM (nickel, cobalt, manganese) battery' with nickel content raised to 80-90%.

The 3 major domestic battery companies are leading the Korean EV battery market by developing a technology that increase the nickel content to the highest level while lowering the cobalt level to the lowest. This is because increasing the proportion of nickel enhances the driving performance and lowering the cobalt content can reduce the manufacturing cost of electric vehicles.

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<Visitors are looking at battery solutions for electric vehicles at the LG Energy Solution booth>

LG Energy Solutions will unveil various types of next-generation batteries along with EV batteries, including 'Coin Cell' in the small battery sector and 'RESU16H Prime' in the energy storage system (ESS) sector. It will also introduce various material technologies such as silicon anode materials and battery coating separators to enhance battery performance and stability.
 An official from LG Energy Solution explained, "Visitors can meet not only the best-performing battery technology but also all-solid-state batteries and lithium-sulfur batteries at once during this expo."

Samsung SDI plans to setup its booth to make it easier and more fun for visitors to understand NCA batteries and next-generation technologies. It will also showcase small batteries applied to foldable phones, wireless earphones, and power tools in the IT and power battery zones. Moreover, Samsung SDS will display batteries and charging stations for each use in the ESS and e-mobility battery zones.

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<Visitors are looking at Samsung SDI's electric vehicle batteries.>

In particular, Director Jang Hyuk (Vice President) of Samsung SDI's R&D Center will deliver a keynote speech and introduce the status of Samsung SDI's next-generation battery development under the theme of 'New-Generation Battery Technology'.
A Samsung SDI official said, “This is an opportunity to look into the present and future of our battery technology. You will be able to envision Samsung SDI that will move the future with batteries that have transcended limits.

SK Innovation plans to actively promote differentiated technologies focused on safety, fast charging, and long-distance driving performance. It will emphasize safety through the separator manufactured by its subsidiary SK IE Technology, Z-folding technique in which a separator between the positive and negative electrodes of battery in zigzag manner, and battery pack technology with thermal diffusion suppression.

SK Innovation will also introduce rapid charging technology, next-generation cathode and anode material technology, and recycling technology for extracting metals from waste batteries. “We will lead the battery market by developing innovative technologies,” said Dong-seop Ji, the CEO of SK Innovation’s Battery Business.

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<Visitors are looking at SK Innovation's battery technology.>

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