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<Changes according to Public MyData Service>

From now on, people will be able to use administrative services without issuing and submitting their personal information in document forms. They will also be able to send it to a third party right away per their request.
The Ministry of the Interior and Safety promulgated on June8th a bill to amend the 'e-Government Act' providing such matters and announced its implementation from December 2021.
Prior to this, the Civil Service Act was amended (to be implemented in October) so individuals who own the information can request administrative agencies to provide administrative data for handling civil service cases. With the revision of the e-Government Act, data owning individuals can request that third parties, including the private sector, also provide administrative information.

This means that the public will be freed from the inconvenience of having to obtain and submit documents for all administrative services. Administrative agencies will switch from having a person read and process the submitted documents to processing received personal information directly on a computer. This is expected to increase efficiency of administrative service work.
In the second half of the year, the Ministry of the Interior and Safety will revise sub-ordinances such as enforcement ordinances to specify the distribution and utilization of public MyData. It also plans to provide 24 types of services for the public to experience.
This will allow administrative agencies to purchase and use private services created by individuals, companies, or organizations rather than directly developing their own e-government services.  Thus, it will also become easier for the public to receive government services through private services use every day.
The legal grounds for using private cloud computing services we reestablished for each institution to efficiently manage information systems.
Minister of the Interior and Safety Hae-cheol Jeon said, “This change is significant asit has arranged a legal basis for promoting public MyData, which is a key task of digital government innovation. By allowing the public to have ownership over their information and administrative agencies to actively use private services, we expect to convert to demander-centered administrative services.”

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