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<An escalator in operation after attaching a film-type transparent LED display to the glass surface of the escalator in the production line of Fujitec in Japan.>

The 'film-type transparent light emitting diode (LED) display' commercialized by a small and medium-sized company for electronic parts and materials in Korea will be unveiled for the first time in the Indian digital signage market. Film-type transparent LED display, through which the interior is visible from the outside, can be easily installed in various advertising facilities, since it is not only light in weight but also has excellent mobility and durability.
On the 6th, it was reported that Changsung Sheet (CEO Hyun-sang Kim, Seung-joon Baek), in cooperation with G-Smart Tech, a partner company, supplied film-type transparent LED displays to Fujitec in Japan. Fujitec’s escalator, which attached the LED displays, was installed in a large department store in India, paving the way for the company’s entry into overseas markets.
Changsung Sheet has recently completed the digital signage construction without damaging its original design, by attaching a film-type transparent LED display to the glass surface next to the escalator newly introduced by Fujitec in Japan.
The company expects that the film-type transparent LED display will expand the selection of displays in the advertising industry by adding new added value to the existing escalator, in addition to playing public and commercial information and media contents in indoor and outdoor spaces. The film-type transparent LED display is a subdivided product of LED transparent screens. It is characterized by easy installation as well as convenient maintenance due to pressure-resistance, adhesion, Qualcomm permeability, high resolution, and flexibility.
An official from Changsung Sheet said “Film-type transparent LED display not only has the advantages of a traditional LED display but is also thin and transparent. Fujitec’s escalator installed with our LED display products are supplied to department stores in India.”
By Sumin Ahn, staff reporter (