A global data protection company called Quest Software, also known as Quest, announced that Quest, Binary Tree, and Quadrotech are listed as representative vendors in the February 2021 Gartner Market Guide for Cloud Office Migration Tools.
The selection is meaningful from a standpoint that the Binary Tree Power365 Solution and Quadrotech Cloud Command Solution were also included. Quest has established itself as a top MPM (Microsoft Platform Management) vendor that is preferred the most by customers who modernize Microsoft environment by acquiring Binary Tree, a leader in migration, and a Microsoft 365 management and migration solution company Quadrotech in 2020.

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<Quest Software’s cloud office migration execution model>

Regarding the recent selection, Gartner said that not only does Quest successfully complete migration, but it also effectively takes care of requirements before and after migration. Gartner also said that Quest continues to strengthen cyber security resilience and understands the situation of customers who need to continuously and definitely control the Microsoft 365 environment.
Michael Tweddle, who is a president and general manager at Quest Software, said that Quest Software is a company that customers prefer the most when it comes to Microsoft 365 migration, management, and security and that the company has been selected as a representative vendor in the category of Gartner Market Guide for Cloud Office Migration Tools twice in a row and has been recognized for the value of new technologies and the effect of synergy from the recent acquisitions.
Staff Reporter Lee, Hyangseon | hyangseon.lee@etnews.com