Companies that provide technologies related to data and cloud that are part of the foundation of the Digital New Deal were very active at the World IT Show (WIS) 2021.
NHN, which is one of the top three cloud computing service providers in South Korea, introduced its cloud computing service called ‘NHN Cloud’ and its data center.
Starting with its data center that was built in Pangyo in 2015, it has continued to upgrade its cloud computing service for games, public sector, education, and commerce. It has currently secured about 3,000 companies for NHN Cloud service and it introduced the current status of the company and the data center at the show.
The company’s AI data center in Gwangju is the biggest AI data center in South Korea that has a speed of 88.5 TFLOPS (floating point operations per second) and a storage capacity of 107 petabytes. NHN provides every development tool necessary for development of AI services and products for companies that use its AI data center in Gwangju and it plans to provide data lake and big data that are necessary to collect, process, and analyze data.
Besides NHN, other companies also introduced various processing and management solutions that will increase use of big data.

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News Jelly, which specializes in data visualization, introduced a visualization tool called ‘DAISY’. By utilizing the tool for data management, a company will be able to visualize KPIs (key performance indicator) and marketing data as reports or dashboards. It also opens up large amounts of data from public and research institutions that are seldomly used and visualizes the data so that the data can be easily utilized.
IOE Soft displayed its 3D dashboard visualization solution for ‘digital twin’. The company explained about an example where it established Korea East-West Power Corporation’s data center platform as a 3D visualization solution. It provides solutions that are optimized for the field of B2B (business to business) that involves smart factories, smart cities, ports and transportation, and others.
Powergen introduced a digital workforce management solution called ‘GEN RPA Portal’ for efficient RPA (robotic process automation) operation. It is a solution that monitors and controls RPA bot process in real time and it allows for AI-based automated business transactions.
A data labeling solution for establishing datasets for AI learning was also introduced. Crowdworks provides every type of data such as text, image, sound, and video that are necessary to enhance AI to about 300 customers through a crowdsourcing-based AI data collection and processing platform. The platform has accumulated about 65 million cases of data so far. Tbell also demonstrated its data labeling platform that collects, separates, and processes data that is necessary for machine learning.
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