Samsung SDI has begun working on development of ‘NCA (nickel, cobalt, aluminum) cathode material’ with 92% nickel content with EcoPro BM and it is looking to develop the material with an optimal composition of nickel, cobalt, and aluminum by next year.
According to the industry on Wednesday, Samsung SDI and EcoPro BM have begun working on development of such cathode material which will be used for electric vehicle (EV) batteries.
The material will be a high-end NCA cathode material that will raise nickel content to 92% and lower cobalt and aluminum contents to a single digit. With this composition, the material will be able to raise battery’s energy density and enhance safety level even more. Samsung SDI also plans to lower its battery manufacturing cost at the same time and gradually increase application of the NCA cathode material to EV batteries.
The EV battery industry is currently going through competitions where battery manufacturers are looking to increase energy density of their batteries and lower battery manufacturing cost and develop technologies that can enhance safety level of their batteries.

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<Researchers from Samsung SDI are examining the company’s battery cells >

NCA cathode materials are currently used less than NCM (nickel, cobalt, manganese) cathode materials. Because there are only two companies in the world that are able to make NCA cathode materials, NCA cathode materials have been mostly used for purposes other than EVs.
Samsung SDI plans to raise NCA cathode material’s nickel content to the highest level and lower cobalt content to the lowest level and ultimately enhance performance of its batteries.
Samsung SDI also plans to expand supply and demand of NCA cathode materials with EcoPro Bm. To achieve this goal, it constructed a joint cathode material plant in Pohang with EcoPro BM. The plant is expected to make 31,000 tons of NCA cathode materials annually. Samsung SDI and EcoPro BM plan to increase the plant’s production capacity by 2.5 times within the next five years.
One representative from the industry said that Samsung SDI has been strengthening its battery business by raising percentage of internalization of cathode materials with 60% nickel content and receiving high-end cathode materials from companies that specialize in cathode materials. The representative added that such strategy is part of the company’s plan to gradually lower its battery manufacturing cost.
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