POSCO Chemical, which is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding, announced that it is looking to be part of a top tier in the global rechargeable battery materials market. By localizing of electric vehicle (EV) battery material and being a top tier battery materials manufacturer, it will look to create new solutions.
POSCO Chemical announced on Wednesday that it held a ceremony at its headquarters in Pohang to share the company’s recent success and to make a promise on achieving the company’s future vision which is to become a global leader in chemical materials and battery materials.
The company selected “This Year’s POSCO Chemical People” who have made contributions towards the company’s success and awarded them.
‘Ceremony Wall’, which was introduced through the opening ceremony, was made through pictures of 1,800 executives and employees and a company image.
A slogan that said ‘50 Years of Togetherness at POSCO Chemical Becomes the Future’, which was engraved on the sculpture, was decided through public participation from executives and employees. The slogan shows that the company’s executives and employees will be the main characters that will lead the company to a bigger growth based on 50 years of achievements.

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<Executives and employees from POSCO Chemical are standing in front of an sculpture that was made to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary of the founding.>

“We need to be proud that we have achieved development of battery cathode materials, preparation of foundation for mass-production of anode materials, and localization of needle coke through endless challenges.” said CEO Min Kyung-joon of POSCO Chemical. “Let us continue to secure competitive edge based on experiences from our achievements and become a company that continues to exist as a top tier company in the world.”
CEO Min presented different tasks such as having the best technology and quality in the world, continuation of culture based on one team spirit, and internalization of the company’s ideologies that have contributed to industrial development in order to become a 100-year-old company.
Also, he also presented “safety” as the most important value that will help the company achieve its goals and emphasized to his employees to keep in mind that safety is the life of one’s family.
POSCO Chemical was established in 1971. Based on its expertise in refractories that are basic materials of various industries such as steel making and chemical plant, it has played a vital role in development of South Korean industries. Its focus also included coal chemistry and carbon materials in addition to refractories. It has been working on rechargeable battery materials, which are seen as an important industry for the future, and is looking to become a global leader in chemical materials and rechargeable battery materials.
Staff Reporter Kim, Jiwoong | jw0316@etnews.com