With the rapid rise in the demand for delivery in the post-COVID-19 era, the operation of motorcycles and two-wheeled vehicles has risen. Accordingly, the demand for safety equipment including helmets is also increasing. Today, I interviewed CEO Jae-heung Park and Team Leader Ban-seok Lee of 'Analog Plus', a smart helmet company that will lead a new culture of riding.
Q. What kind of company is Analog Plus?
A. Analog Plus is a company that operates an IoT sports brand called 'CRNK,' currently mass-producing, manufactures, and sells communication devices, bicycles, motorcycles, and ski helmets. It started as an in-house venture at Samsung Electronics, and it set to manufacture smart helmets as the first goal after its establishment.
Q. Please tell us about why you decided to make smart helmets.
A. What motivated me was that it was difficult to use smartphones because it was difficult to take off gloves when skiing, and that there was no safe communication tool. I decided to make smart helmets since communication through helmets not only secures sight but also gives freedom to listen and speak. Nowadays, we’re manufacturing devices that can be attached to helmets to communicate thanks to the technological advances.
Q. Are there any new helmets to be released this time? Please tell us your flagship products.
A. In 2021, we’ve released two new bicycle goggles and three new bicycle helmets. Among them, the road-type aero helmet 'GENETIC' is the flagship product. Its design and overall style were inspired by Bio Design. The organic curves seen in the living body are reflected in the whole, creating a unique and new shape formatively. Another characteristic is that it is a road-type aero helmet, which has improved the heat dissipation issue and the inconvenience of the existing aero helmets when using it for a long time. The front hidden vent (HIDDEN-VENT) has an invisible ventilation, while the rear part has a wide ventilation to facilitate heat dissipation. Also, due to the unique design of the installed EPS and exterior shell, the rider's style is not damaged.
Q. Is a product with such a unique design equipped with communication?
A. This year, we plan to release bicycle and motorcycle helmets for smart use, which will lead to the birth of product that can satisfy all three of seeing, hearing, and saying in the future. We expect such helmets to help expand and develop the motorcycle, electricity, and delivery industries.

Electronic Times Internet Reporter Eunjung Judy Yu(judy6956@etnews.com)