Powel Corporation (CEO Kang Chang-soo) announced on February 21 that the company plans to strengthen its automation business division by launching air bearing rolls that are used to transport films during roll to roll printing process of displays and others.
The company’s air bearing rolls are applied with constant pressure bearing technology that maintains constant gas pressure. Due to their excellent conductivity as they are made with carbon material with very small pores, they are excellent for electrification and are able to maintain clear air quality.

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<Powel Corporation’s air bearing rolls>

Air bearing roll elevates films through air pressure that comes out uniformly from very small pores and it prevents film scratch that can occur from contact between a film and a roll during transportation process and increases production yield.
Because films are transported while they are elevated, low tension that is caused by elevation prevents the films being deformed. The company also explained that its air bearing rolls do not make much noise at all when they are being used as they use very small amount of air that comes out from tiny holes.
CEO Kang of Powel Corporation said that air bearing rolls can also be used in various fields of manufacture related to film in addition to the display field and he also emphasized that he will grow the company into a small hidden champion that is known globally through continuous investments in research and development.
Staff Reporter Ahn, Soomin | smahn@etnews.com