Wolfnfox Computer has changed the name of the company to NY Computer and announced its plan to take a second leap in the procurement market for computers. NY Computer (CEO Woo Myeong-koo) announced on Tuesday that it has decided to change the name of the company from “Wolfnfox” to “NY” after keeping the old name for 24 years in order to deal with rapidly changing situations and make a fresh start.
CEO Woo said that the company will look to cause a new trend in the procurement market for computers by creating new businesses such as cloud PC service and strengthening its customer service.
Situations in the procurement market for computers have been changing rapidly due to the arrival of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Previous ways of business cannot guarantee a success in this new era. Only youthfulness that can quickly respond to changes can adapt to new trends. NY Computer’s decision to change the name of the company holds such aspiration and meaning.
“Although the name Wolfnfox has its own newness, we have decided to make a bold change in order to emphasize our credibility even more.” said CEO Woo. “The name “NY” still holds the feeling of “Wolfnfox” and it stands for “New Young” as the average age of our employees is in late 30s.”
NY Computer achieved results greater than its expectation last year. It was able to create synergy with K-won C&C throughout the year after being merged with K-won C&C in early last year as a special affiliated corporation. Level of satisfaction from its customers had been raised due to cooperation with K-won C&C that is well known for its IT maintenance.
“We changed every employee’s position to a permanent position at the same time when the M&A took place and we have been able to maintain quality management and a foundation for stable revenue as our group became stabilized.” said CEO Woo. “Because our plan of targeting B2B (Business to Business) niche markets was effective, we now have variety of customers from the financial industry, national defense, the education industry, local governments, and the central government.”

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The company replaced 4,000 work PCs from all branches of Industrial Bank of Korea and sold 23,500 PCs to the national defense field. As a result, its sales in 2020 surpassed $29 million (32 billion KRW) which placed the company at the sixth spot in the procurement market for computers. Above all else, it made about $906,000 (1 billion KRW) in operating profit despite negative effects from the pandemic.
CEO Woo joined the company in September of 2017 after working for TriGem Computer. At that time, he proposed “company where employees, shareholders, and customers are all happy” as the motto of the company and he has been focusing his abilities on creating a management centered on customers. As part of his effort, he joined hands with K-won C&C that is known for its customer service.
CEO Woo said that the company has been able to upgrade its products by understanding demands from customers as the company has relationship with end users and that the company has been able to maintain quality management by applying matters and requests to production.
The company has been swift in making necessary responses despite market situations being changed due to COVID-19. It delivered 100 PCs to the Ministry of the Interior and Safety’s smart work center that is managed by K-won C&C and it plans to supply PCs without storage to other various fields this year. First, it will look to create a “smart school” environment by applying the method of smart work center to schools. It plans to register a network-based cloud solution to the Public Procurement Service in the first quarter.
“As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the entire world, demands for online learning and data storage have been rising and laboratories for education are also going through network separation.” said CEO Woo. “Local offices of education are testing cloud-based education environment, and we plan to support them so that they can be free from a Windows-based environment and implement a cloud-based environment.”
The company is also preparing for the mobile computing market that has been growing recently. It plans to release an Android-based mobile computer “Chromebook”. It signed a contract with Asus back in November regarding the Chromebook and it plans to develop its own brand and release the Chromebook by the end of this year.
Staff Reporter Yun, Daewon | yun1972@etnews.com